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英语中的“关系从句 relative clause”也被称为“定语从句”,这类句子的出现频率很高。我们可以使用该语法结构给句中的名词短语补充信息。如果对关系从句和关系代词的用法不够了解,就很有可能无法理解句子所表达的具体含义。试做几道小题来巩固和这个语法点有关的常识。

1. Which of these can a relative clause NOT do?

a) Better define or identify a noun phrase 

b) Add extra information about a noun phrase

c) Explain that you have arranged for someone to do something for you

d) Add the speaker's opinon about the information contained within the sentence

2. Relative clauses require a relative pronoun to act as a conjunction between the noun and the relative clause. Which of these CANNOT be used as a relative pronoun?

a) How

b) That

c) Whom

d) Whose

3. In which of these sentences is it possible to omit the relative pronoun? (in bold) 

a) The girl who I met yesterday is nice.

b) My sister, who lives in Ireland, has blonde hair.

c) A pilot is a person who flies planes.

d) He found the boy, who had lost his parents, wandering alone.

4. Which of these statements about non-defining relative clauses is true?

a) They are always introduced, and often closed, by commas.

b) They are separated from the nouns they modify by a pause or pronunciation change.

c) They can be used to refer to a whole clause, not just a noun.

d) All of the above.

5.  What is the difference between these two sentences?
A: This is the house which I was born in
B: This is the house in which I was born

a) There is no difference.

b) There is a difference in meaning.

c) There is a difference in formality.

d) There is a difference in emphasis.

6. In non-defining relative clauses it is possible to use quantifying determiners (e.g. all / some / any) to modify the relative clause, but in which position? Which of these sentences is incorrect?

a) I bought three pairs of shoes, all of which are leather.

b) I bought three pairs of shoes, of which all are leather.

c) I bought three pairs of shows, which are leather all of.

d) None of the above.


1) c, 2) a, 3) a, 4) d, 5) c, 6) c.


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