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'We are not destined to be antagonists'

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US President Barack Obama, working to drastically reshape relations with a skeptical Russia, said yesterday the two countries are not "destined to be antagonists".

"The pursuit of power is no longer a zero-sum game," Obama said, speaking in the Russian capital to graduates of the New Economic School but also hoping to reach the whole nation.

"Progress must be shared."

Obama used his speech to further define his view of the United States' place in the world and, specifically, to argue that his country shares compelling interests with Russia.

"Let me be clear: America wants a strong, peaceful and prosperous Russia," he declared.

His comments came on the second day of his summit in Russia, where polls show people are wary of the United States and taking a skeptical look at Obama himself.

Chinese experts said Obama delivered a clear message to Russia: That the US hopes to establish a relationship beyond the Cold War.

"This is consistent with what Obama has advocated - a change from the Bush administration's unilateralism," said Fu Mengzi, a senior researcher on American studies at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations. But Fu said he believes the two countries have a long way to go before becoming trusting partners.

By emphasizing the sovereignty of Georgia and Ukraine, Obama intended to remind, or even warn, Moscow that the two countries have the right to make their own choices in security and diplomacy.

"He also implied that Russia has to be realistic, that the old era of the Soviet empire is over," Fu said.

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'We are not destined to be antagonists'

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'We are not destined to be antagonists'

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