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Wallace, Bobcats rally past Nets 79-68

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CHARLOTTE, NC: Just when you thought nobody could match the Charlotte Bobcats' offensive ineptitude, the New Jersey Nets one-upped them.

Try more than 10 minutes without a point and nearly 11 1/2 without a field goal. Add in another key injury and another deflating loss and the Nets' season is already in a freefall.

Gerald Wallace had 24 points and a career-high 20 rebounds and the Bobcats - the NBA's lowest-scoring team - overcame their horrible first half by being just a little better with the ball than the winless Nets in their 79-68 victory on Monday night.

"It was embarrassing," guard Rafer Alston said after the Nets fell to 0-4. "Offensively, we have to do it together."

The Nets went 0 for 11 from the field with nine turnovers in Charlotte's 24-0 run bridging the third and fourth quarters in the longest scoring drought in the NBA in nearly four years. It turned a once 14-point Nets cushion into a comfortable 63-51 Charlotte lead with 8:38 left.

To make matters worse, the Nets lost forward Yi Jianlian during the drought when a falling Wallace rolled into his right knee. He'll undergo an MRI on Tuesday (today Beijing time) to determine the damage to the medial collateral ligament while All-Star Devin Harris was in Chicago on Monday getting a second opinion on his strained groin.

Coach Lawrence Frank called the injury a sprain, but said Yi will need an MRI to determine its severity.

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Wallace, Bobcats rally past Nets 79-68

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Wallace, Bobcats rally past Nets 79-68

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