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Subway bike ban stays put

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Folding bicycles will remain banned on Beijing's subways, despite a regulation that permitted commuters to ride with bikes in Guangzhou this week.

An official at the subway division of Beijing municipal commission of transport said folding bicycles were too heavy, large, and cumbersome.

"We haven't considered the possibility of lifting the ban on folding bicycles in Beijing's subway for now."

"We have nearly 5 million passengers traveling by subway every day in Beijing. It is crowded in subways already, especially during peak times."

Folding bicycles have been prohibited on all subway lines in Beijing since October 2007. Under transport regulations, passengers are not allowed to carry large belongings longer than 1.8m and heavy items such as bicycles, washing machines, and TV sets.

Wang Fang, a 26-year-old woman who travels by subway every day, said she wanted the ban lifted.

"I have to walk 15 minutes from my home to the nearest subway station and another 15 minutes from my destination to the company I'm working for," she said.

A woman surnamed Wu who also uses a bike to cover the 10-minute distance from her home to the subway station said she never thought about bringing a folding bike into the subway.

"They are very heavy for me and it would be very inconvenient. I usually park my bike in front of the subway station," Wu said.

Li Haipeng, a subway security guard, said he had stopped passengers from attempting to take folding bicycles into the station.

"Most people know that folding bicycles are not allowed on the subway," Li said.


1. Where are commuters allowed to ride the subway with their bikes?

2. When did the ban for folding bicycles on subway lines begin?

3. What are passengers prohibited from carrying on subways, along with bikes?


1. Guangzhou.

2. October 2007.

3. Large belongings longer than 1.8m and heavy items such as bicycles, washing machines, and TV sets.

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Subway bike ban stays put

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Subway bike ban stays put

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