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Mental disorders a major health issue

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Mental disorders are becoming a major public health problem in China. A national survey suggests about 17.5 percent of Chinese adults suffer different forms of mental disorders.

The survey also found rural residents suffer a higher prevalence of mental disorders than urban residents.

Mental disorders include mood disorders, anxiety disorders and substance abuse.

The survey was conducted by the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center in China Daily,新闻听力,听中国日报,听力练习,精神疾病Beijing and five other research institutions in Zhejiang, Shandong, Qinghai and Gansu provinces.

It was based on interviews of 113 million adults in 96 cities and 267 rural areas.

People above 40 years old have higher rates than people who are under 40, according to the survey.

Female adults suffered higher rates of mood disorder and anxiety disorder than men.

But for alcohol abuse, the rate among men is 38 times that among women, the survey showed.


1. What percent of Chinese people might suffer from mental disorders?

2. Who suffers more mental disorders, men or women?

3. Who suffers more alcohol abuse, men or women?


1. 17.5 percent.

2. Women.

3. Men.


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Mental disorders a major health issue

About the broadcaster:

Mental disorders a major health issue

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