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A diamond is just one text away

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Mobile users all over China can now win a diamond just by sending a text message.

The Diamond Exhibition Corner of the Belgium-EU Pavilion launched a lucky draw at Expo 2010 Shanghai on Sunday, in which someone will win a piece of jewelry set with a genuine Antwerp-cut diamond every day until the end of the Expo on Oct 31.

All mobile users have the chance to win, just by texting a number depending on which network they're using. The text will cost 1 yuan, and all net proceeds will be donated to charity projects in collaboration with the Chinese Red Cross. Each winner will receive a text message and will be invited to pick up his or her prize at the Belgium-EU Pavilion.

The draw formally opens to the public on Tuesday.

One of the main attractions of the Belgium-EU Pavilion is the more than 50 diamond jewelry pieces on display, including the world's most expensive tennis racket, set with 1,600 diamonds worth more than 1 million euros ($1.34 million).

During the Expo, diamond designers from all over the world, including more than 10 Chinese designers, will exhibit their work in the pavilion with models from both China and Belgium showcasing the jewelry.


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A diamond is just one text away

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A diamond is just one text away

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