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San Antonio's mayor seeks to fulfill its destiny

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Building mutual respect and healthy and strong relationships between the United States and China was the motivation for one US official to visit the USA Pavilion on Tuesday.

As the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue was underway in Beijing, the mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Julian Castro, led a delegation to Shanghai to promote his city, the second-largest in Texas, at Expo 2010 Shanghai.

Tuesday was San Antonio day at the USA Pavilion.

In an interview with China Daily, Castro emphasized the importance of building strong, healthy and long-term relationships that will benefit both countries.

"I believe that our presence here is representative of the feeling of many Americans," Castro said. "We look forward to establishing a stronger relationship with China and that relationship includes strong two-way trade."

Talking about the Expo, the mayor said China has done a good job bringing people from all over the world to gather and share the spirit of friendship and harmony.

San Antonio, the seventh-largest city in the US, is an up-and-coming city, he said. With a highly diversified economy, a relatively stable real estate and job market, and a strong tradition of international outreach, the city is one of the country's greatest assets when it comes to international business, he added.

Named by Forbes as one of the most recession-proof cities in the US, San Antonio is approaching the Expo with a competitive outlook and as a chance to demonstrate its place among the top cities in the US.

"The world economy between nations will become closer and closer. We hope there will be mutual trade and investment from the US to China and back from China to the US and San Antonio," Castro said.


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San Antonio's mayor seeks to fulfill its destiny

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San Antonio's mayor seeks to fulfill its destiny

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