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Foxconn chief apologizes for spate of suicides

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The head of Foxconn bowed and apologized on Wednesday for a string of 11 suicide attempts in Foxconn Technology Group, and led a rare damage-control media tour to the factory complex in Shenzhen.

"I'm very concerned about this. I can't sleep every night," said Terry Gou, Foxconn Technology Group chairman.

"From a scientific point of view, I'm not confident we can stop every case. But, as a responsible employer, we have to take up the responsibility of preventing as many as we can."

The past five months witnessed nine suicides (two others survived) at Foxconn, most of which the company attributed to personal problems.

Family members of one of the victims - Ma Xiangqian, who jumped from a building to his death in January - protested outside the factory on Wednesday.

The father said they had come to Shenzhen from Henan immediately after they learned about the news, but the company didn't let them see the body. The company didn't compensate them either, he said.

Zhang Dongyong, an employee at Foxconn for three years, told China Daily that the suicides are a hot topic among workers.

He complained about harsh working conditions in the factory, and showed an agreement that he and other workers were forced to sign abruptly on Tuesday: It noted that the company would pay no more than the legal minimum for injuries sustained outside the workplace.

Zhang said the company has never talked with them about the suicides and did not disclose the compensation amount, rumored to be 100,000 yuan ($14,600).

Prodded by reporters, Gou said on Wednesday he was taking the injury contract back because its language was not appropriate.

But he noted the company will reduce the amount of compensation, since "high amount of compensation may encourage suicides".


1. What is the name of the head of Foxconn

2. How many people have attempted suicide?

3. What is the compensation rumored to be?


1. Terry Gou.

2. 11.

3. 100,000 yuan.


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Foxconn chief apologizes for spate of suicides

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Foxconn chief apologizes for spate of suicides

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