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Outrage mounts over Israeli raid

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An impartial investigation was called for on Tuesday as international outrage mounted over Israel's raid on ships taking humanitarian aid to the blocked Gaza Strip.

After an emergency meeting and negotiations that lasted nearly 12 hours, the 15-member United Nations Security Council called for an impartial investigation and condemned the action that resulted in the loss of nine lives.

Shocked by and condemning the act, China responded swiftly to the worldwide condemnation of Israel's actions.

"China urges Israel to abide by the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council in every detail, and improve the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said.

"We believe the situation in the Middle East is at a critical point," he said. "China hopes Israel will take action to lift the blockade and restart peace talks with Palestine as early as possible."

A senior Palestinian official said on Tuesday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas decided to send a high-ranking delegation to the Gaza Strip to finalize the inter-Palestinian reconciliation with Hamas, which Hamas called "useless."

The raid on the ships damages Israel's international image and harms peaceful progress between Israel and Palestine, said Chinese analysts.

"Counter violence will only result in a vicious circle as war is never ended by another war," Ma Xiaolin, a commentator on Middle East affairs, told CCTV.

The incident happened early Monday morning when the Israeli navy raided a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

Israel said it opened fire after its commandos were attacked with knives, clubs and shots from two pistols wrested from soldiers after they rappelled from a helicopter to board one of the six vessels.

But activists claimed communication to the ships was cut and the Israelis fired first.


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Outrage mounts over Israeli raid

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Outrage mounts over Israeli raid

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