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10 foreign troops die during 'hard day' in Afghanistan

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Seven American troops, two Australians and a French Legionnaire were killed in the bloodiest day this year for international forces in Afghanistan. A US contractor training Afghan police also died in a brazen suicide attack.

The bloodshed on Monday came as insurgents step up bombings and other attacks ahead of a major NATO operation in the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar that Washington hopes will turn the tide of the nearly nine-year-old war.

Half the NATO deaths - five Americans - occurred in a single blast in eastern Afghanistan, US spokesman Colonel Wayne Shanks said. Two other US troops were killed in separate attacks in the south - one in a bombing and the other by small arms fire.

NATO said three other service members were killed in attacks in the east and south. France announced one of the victims was a sergeant in the French Foreign Legion killed by a rocket in Kapisa province northeast of Kabul.

"I think we're just seeing a hard day in theater," Lieutenant General David Hurley, the acting commander of Australia's defense forces, said in Canberra, announcing his nation's 12th and 13th deaths in Afghanistan among some 1,500 troops.

The American police trainer and a Nepalese security guard were killed when a team of three suicide bombers attacked the main gates of the police training center in the southern city of Kandahar, US officials said.

Afghan officials said one bomber blew a hole in the outer wall, enabling the two others to rush inside, where they were killed in a gunbattle. Afghan officials said three police were wounded.

It was the deadliest day for NATO since Oct. 26, when 11 American troops were killed.

US commanders have warned of more casualties as the alliance gears up for a major operation to secure Kandahar, the former base of the Taliban.


1. How many foreign troops died?

2. How long has the war been going on?

3. It was the deadliest day for NATO since when?


1. 10

2. nine years

3. Oct 26


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10 foreign troops die during 'hard day' in Afghanistan

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10 foreign troops die during 'hard day' in Afghanistan

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