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Garza tosses Rays' first no-hitter

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In US baseball news, the Tampa Bay Rays finally wound up on the right side of a memorable pitching performance.

Matt Garza threw the first no-hitter in franchise history and the fifth in the major leagues this season, beating the Detroit Tigers 5-0 on Monday night.

"We needed one. I don't care who it came from. We just needed one for our own confidence," Garza said. That’s after the Rays had been held hitless four times in their 13-season history - three times in the past year. "The guys are just as excited as I am. It's fun."

"It was one of those days where everything lined up," Garza said.

Garza (11-5) was the latest to shine in the Year of the Pitcher. The last time there were at least five no-hitters in a season was 1991, when Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan threw one of seven in the big leagues that year.

Garza's teammates mobbed him near the mound after a performance that left baseball’s New York Mets and San Diego Padres as the only big league teams without a no-hitter. The Rays began play in 1998 - the Padres in 1969 and the Mets in '62.


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Garza tosses Rays' first no-hitter

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Garza tosses Rays' first no-hitter

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