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Plane crashes in Heilongjiang

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A passenger plane with 96 people on board, five of them crew members, crashed in Yichun city in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province Tuesday night, Xinhua News Agency quoted government and airline company sources as saying.

Initial media reports said there were survivors.

Officials in Yichun said the plane crashed at about 10:10 pm near Lindu airport in Yichun.

Sun Bangnan, deputy chief of the Heilongjiang provincial public security bureau, said the plane crashed 1 km away from the airport. Visibility was only 300 meters because of heavy fog, he said.

Xinhua said the plane, an Embraer E190, which had taken off about an hour earlier from the provincial capital, Harbin, belonged to Henan Airlines. It gave no further details.

News portal sina.com said the plane crashed during landing, and caught fire.

At least 44 injured passengers had been rushed to local hospitals, Phoenix TV said on its website.

The E190, developed by Embraer based in Brazil, the third largest jet plane producer in the world, could carry up to 114 passengers.


1. How many people were onboard?

2. How many kilometers was it away from the airport?

3. What was the visibility?


1. 96.

2. 1km.

3. 300 meters.


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Plane crashes in Heilongjiang

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Plane crashes in Heilongjiang

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