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California governor, Medvedev visit gym to buff up

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California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his host Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday went to a gym where the ex-Hollywood actor and bodybuilder pumped some iron with the Kremlin chief.

Schwarzenegger was in Russia with a high-powered delegation of high-tech executives after he promised Medvedev to help him with his plan to wean Russia off its dependence on oil and gas.

The two men's gym visit took place after they talked business and addressed Russian and foreign executives at what Russia hopes would soon become a high-tech hub and its own equivalent of Silicon Valley just outside Moscow.

"With Schwarzenegger we spoke not only about investments but also sports," Medvedev wrote on his official Twitter page.

"My every morning begins in a gym," he added.

Medvedev was inspired to start his Twitter micro blog when he visited California for talks with Schwarzenegger in June.

Medvedev's blog also featured a picture of a smiling Schwarzenegger sitting on a weight machine with a beaming Medvedev standing by his side. The two wore their shirts and ties.

"Thanks for good time training," Schwarzenegger replied on his blog.

Throughout the day the two men made much of their camaraderie, with broad smiles, back-slapping and jokes, with Medvedev taking Schwarzenegger on a ride in a vintage GAZ Chaika Soviet luxury car.

"You're a great driver, Mr President!" Schwarzenegger tweeted afterward.

Earlier in the day, Medvedev jokingly offered to Schwarzenegger the mayoral seat of Moscow, repeating his joke twice, first at his Gorky residence and then at the Skolkovo business forum.

Schwarzenegger was in Moscow during the winter of 1987 to film Red Heat, in which he played Russian policeman Ivan Danko and said he had been impressed by the abundance of snow then.


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California governor, Medvedev visit gym to buff up

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California governor, Medvedev visit gym to buff up

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