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World's biggest census begins

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As part of the country's sixth national census, which began on Monday, 100,000 census takers are knocking on doors in Beijing. They have 10 days to complete their task.

"Time is limited and the workload is huge," said Sun Shuzhen, deputy director of the census office in Dongcheng district.

The exercise will involve 6 million door-to-door census takers visiting 400 million households, including foreigners and people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao who live on the mainland.

The once-in-a-decade census will form the basis for policy-making in the world's most populous country, estimated last year to have more than 1.3 billion people.

China's last census in 2000 showed the population at 1.295 billion, compared to 594 million when the first census was conducted in 1953.

According to the regulation on population census, all personal information collected in the census is strictly confidential and will be handed in directly to the bureau for data processing.


1. How often is a census taken in China?

2. China’s last census taken in 2000 showed the population at nearly 1.3 billion people. How many people were counted when the first census was conducted in 1953?

3. Will personal information be made public following the census?


1. A census is taken once a decade in China.

2. In 1953, census takers counted 594 million people.

3. No. All personal information collected in a census is “strictly confidential”.

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World's biggest census begins

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World's biggest census begins

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