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Two journalists killed during attacks in Libya

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NATO warned civilians to stand clear of its bombing blitz on government troops, as Libyan rebels called for "major" airstrikes and two top photographers were killed in besieged Misrata.

NATO's warning came as Libyan official media reported seven civilians killed and 18 wounded in an alliance air raid that targeted the southwestern Tripoli suburb of Khellat Al-Ferjan late on Wednesday.

"The colonial crusader aggressors" fired four missiles at the area, also destroying several homes, al-Jamahiriyah channel reported. The report could not be immediately verified.

NATO forces later hit targets in the town of Gharyan, south of Tripoli, Jamahiriyah said, quoting a military spokesman. It said several people were killed or wounded in the attack and some houses were destroyed, but gave no specific details.

In the besieged rebel-held city of Misrata, two photojournalists were killed including Tim Hetherington, an Oscar-nominated British film director and war photographer.

Vanity Fair, for which Hetherington was a contributing photographer, confirmed the death of the 41-year-old who covered numerous conflicts and won the 2007 World Press Photo Award for his coverage of United States soldiers in Afghanistan.

Chris Hondros, also 41, suffered grave head injuries in the same mortar attack, said medics in the western port city, and died hours later from his wounds, Getty Images confirmed.

Inside Misrata, spent rockets protruded from the pavement of a parking lot, unarmed teenagers prepared plastic crates of Molotov cocktails and fighters at roadblocks sat inside empty shipping containers outfitted with furniture, carpets and generator-powered TVs and watch Al-Jazeera reports of their war with Gadhafi.


1. What is the name of the Oscar-nominated photographer who was killed?

2. How old was he?

3. Who confirmed Chris Hondros had died?


1. Tim Hetherington.

2. 41.

3. Getty Images.


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Two journalists killed during attacks in Libya

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Two journalists killed during attacks in Libya

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