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Internet oversight office powers up

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The Chinese government announced on Wednesday the establishment of an office to manage Internet information.

The department, known as the State Internet Information Office, will direct, coordinate and supervise online content management and handle administrative approval of businesses related to online news reporting, said a statement from the State Council General Office.

The office will implement policies for Internet communication and direct the development of online gaming, video and audio businesses, and publication industries, the statement said.

It will also be engaged in promoting construction of major news websites and manage government publicity.

Furthermore, it will investigate and punish websites violating laws and regulations, and oversee service providers in their management of domain names, IP addresses, website registration and Internet access.

The State Council has appointed four senior officials for the office. Minister of the State Council Information Office Wang Chen was appointed director of the office, and Vice-Minister of the State Council Information Office Qian Xiaoqian, Vice-Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xi Guohua and Vice-Minister of Public Security Zhang Xinfeng were appointed deputy directors.


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Internet oversight office powers up

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Internet oversight office powers up

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