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Gadhafi denies rumors he fled to Niger

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From hiding, Muammar Gadhafi denied rumors he fled Libya, vowed never to leave the land of his ancestors and exhorted followers to keep fighting, according to an audio message broadcast on Thursday on a Syrian TV channel.

Gadhafi, who ruled Libya for nearly 42 years before opposition forces forced him to flee Tripoli late last month, hasn't been seen in public for months. A military official in Libya's new leadership had said a day earlier Gadhafi was cornered and would soon be captured or killed, but another senior defense official contended his whereabouts are unknown.

In Thursday's five-minute-long audio message, aired on Syrian-based Arrai TV which said they received a telephone call from Gadhafi early on Thursday morning, a man who sounded like Gadhafi denounced reports that he had fled to neighboring Niger and claimed he is still in Libya. He called those who ousted him "a bunch of mercenaries, thugs and traitors".

The authenticity of the recording could not be independently verified, but the voice and style strongly resembled Gadhafi, who has used the TV channel in the past.

Niger officials have said senior members of Gadhafi's regime led by his own security chief crossed from Libya on Tuesday. Niger said the group of 13 did not include Gadhafi, and US officials have said they have no reason to believe Gadhafi is not in Libya.

But reports of the apparent defection of some of his top aides - and rumors that it involved a large number of senior soldiers who left with money and gold - were believed to have undermined morale among Gadhafi loyalists.


1. Where was the message broadcast?

2. How long has Gadhafi ruled Libya?

3. How many members of Gadhafi’s regime fled to Niger?


1. Syrian TV.

2. 42 years.

3. 13.

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Gadhafi denies rumors he fled to Niger

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Gadhafi denies rumors he fled to Niger

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