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Wen asks Chongqing to reflect

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Premier Wen Jiabao said on Wednesday the Chongqing authorities must "seriously" reflect on and draw lessons from the Wang Lijun incident.

Central authorities have "taken this matter very seriously" and instructed relevant departments to start investigating immediately after the incident took place, Wen said at a news conference following the conclusion of the annual National People's Congress session.

Wang entered the US consulate in Southwest China and stayed there for one day, according to the office of the Foreign Ministry spokespersons on Feb 9.

So far progress has been made in the investigation and the issue will be handled according to laws and based on facts, Wen said.

"As far as the result of the investigation and how this matter will be handled are concerned, an answer must be given to the people and the result of the investigation should be able to stand the test of law and history," he said.

Acknowledging the achievements made by successive Chongqing governments and people over the years, Wen urged the current Party committee and municipal government of Chongqing to seriously reflect on the incident and learn lessons from it.

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the country has made remarkable achievements in its modernization drive, but it has also taken some detours and learned hard lessons, he said.

Since the third assembly of the 11th Communist Party of China Central Committee and, in particular, the decision on the correct handling of historical issues was adopted by central authorities, the country has established the line of "freeing the mind and seeking truth from facts" and formulated the basic guidelines of the CPC, he said.

In particular, the country has made a major decision to pursue the reform and opening-up, which is crucial for China’s future and destiny, he said.

"Any practice we take must be based on experience and lessons we have gained from history and must serve people's interest."

"I believe the people fully recognize this point and I have full confidence in our future," Wen said.

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Wen asks Chongqing to reflect

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Wen asks Chongqing to reflect

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