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Dialogue 'key to relations'

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Strengthening dialogue and cooperation is the "correct choice" for China and the United States, President Xi Jinping told visiting US Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

He also urged the US to respect China's core interests.

Xi made the remarks amid rising tension in East Asia, triggered by competing territorial claims by China and Japan.

Japan's reaction to China's newly announced air defense identification zone was reported to be high on Biden's agenda.

"Both sides should keep the bilateral relationship going in the right direction, respect each other's core interests and major concerns, actively expand practical cooperation, and properly handle sensitive issues and differences," Xi told Biden at the meeting.

He reiterated China's stance on the air zone.

Washington is willing to manage differences with Beijing in a constructive manner and avoid letting them affect bilateral ties, Biden was quoted in a Foreign Ministry news release as saying.

Biden said he believed Xi is a candid and constructive person.

"In developing this new relationship, both qualities are sorely needed," Biden said during the meeting.

"Candor generates trust," he said, adding that the US-China relationship must be "based on trust and a positive notion of each other's motives."

Biden and Xi have built good personal relations. During Biden's trip to China two years ago, Xi, then vice president, accompanied him on a trip outside Beijing. Biden also accompanied Xi on his US trip in February 2012.


1. Which top ranking US official met with President Xi Jinping in China this week?

2. What did President Xi urge the US to respect?

3. Mr. Biden is quoted as saying, “Candor generates trust.” What else did Mr. Biden say the US-China relationship must be based on?


1. Vice President Joe Biden.

2. China’s core interests.

3. Trust and a positive notion of each other's motives.

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Dialogue 'key to relations'

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Dialogue 'key to relations'

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