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Jet search still 'remains priority'

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Chinese special envoy Zhang Yesui has stressed the urgency of continuing to make all-out efforts to find the Malaysia Airlines jetliner.

The appeal by Zhang came on Wednesday as new satellite images identified more than 120 objects in the southern Indian Ocean that might be from the ill-fated flight MH370.

The search remains the top priority and must be carried on unremittingly, Zhang, a vice-foreign minister, said when meeting Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in Kuala Lumpur.

He also said he hoped that Malaysia would provide "comprehensive and correct" information that the Boeing 777-200 crashed into the southern Indian Ocean with all lives lost, as announced by Najib on Monday night.

Zhang, who arrived in the Malaysian capital on the instructions of President Xi Jinping, also met Malaysia's acting transport minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, and Malaysia Airlines executives.

The plane has been missing shortly after taking off on March 8 from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 people on board, including 154 Chinese nationals.

Hishammuddin told a news conference: "We have now had four separate satellite leads, from Australia, China and France, showing possible debris. It is now imperative that we link the debris to MH370."

Calmer seas returned on Wednesday and the search resumed in remote waters off Western Australia.


1. How many objects have been seen on new satellite images from the southern Indian Ocean that might be from ill-fated Flight MH370?

2. Who is the Chinese special envoy?

3. Who is Malaysia’s acting transport minister?


1. More than 120.

2. Zhang Yesui.

3. Hishammuddin Hussein.

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Jet search still 'remains priority'

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Jet search still 'remains priority'

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