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13 executed over terror attacks, violent crimes in Xinjiang

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Thirteen people were executed on Monday for terrorist attacks and violent crimes in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

They were involved in seven cases and convicted of organizing, leading and participating in terrorist groups; murder; arson; theft; and illegal manufacture, storage and transportation of explosives, according to local courts in prefectures of Aksu, Turpan and Hotan.

All death penalties have been approved by the Supreme People's Court, as required in China.

The 13 planned attacks and killed police officers, government officials and civilians. They took innocent lives, caused huge property losses, and seriously endangered public security, according to local courts.

In one case, three defendants -- (EH-MET-NI-YAZ) Ehmetniyaz Sidiq, Abdulla Srepli and Gulam Eli-- were convicted of organizing and leading terrorist attacks on a police station, hotel, government office building and other venues, killing 24 police officers and civilians and injuring 23 others at Lukqun Township in Shanshan County of Turpan Prefecture on June 26 last year.

"The execution of criminals involved in terrorist attacks and violent crimes answers the calls of all ethnic groups, deters criminal activities, and demonstrates the resolve of the Communist Party of China and the government in cracking down on terrorism," said a spokesman of Xinjiang regional higher people's court.

Also on Monday, three other people were sentenced to death by the Urumqi Intermediate People's Court over a terror attack near Beijing's Tian'anmen Square in October 2013.

A year-long crackdown on terrorism was launched in China with (SHIN-GEE-ANG) Xinjiang as the major battleground after a terrorist attack on May 22 in an open market in the regional capital Urumqi. The attack, the deadliest in recent years in the region, killed 39 innocent people and injured 94 others.


1. How many people were executed for terrorist attacks and violent crimes?

2. How many cases were involved?

3. When was China’s year-long crackdown on terrorism launched?

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1. 13.

2. 7.

3. After a May 22 attack in Urumqi.

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13 executed over terror attacks, violent crimes in Xinjiang

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13 executed over terror attacks, violent crimes in Xinjiang

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