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First lady attends opening of camp for AIDS orphans

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China's first lady, Peng Liyuan, was in Beidaihe, Hebei province, on Friday, to attend the opening ceremony of a summer camp for AIDS orphans, according to the website of the National Health and Family Planning Commission.

The camp, organized by the Chinese Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control and the Chinese Health Education Center, will last five days.

More than 50 AIDS orphans from six provinces and regions participated in the camp. During their stay, in addition to sightseeing trips, the children will receive psychological training to help them cope with the challenges they will face.

At the ceremony, Peng, in her role as a World Health Organization ambassador in the fight against HIV/AIDS, raised a white sail with the children, to symbolize that the children should be courageous to overcome the difficulties in their lives.

The spouses of top Chinese leaders usually shy away from public appearances.

However, Peng has played an active role, especially in HIV/AIDS awareness and activities that involve children. She also has accompanied her husband, President Xi Jinping, on several international visits and won applause from fans in China and overseas.

Before becoming China's first lady and shifting her focus to philanthropy, Peng was already a well-known singer and artist.

In 1982, she sang two songs in the first Spring Festival Gala held by China Central Television. She has performed overseas in more than 50 nations and regions.

In 1992, Peng was elected as a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and served four terms. During her 20 years as a CPPCC member, she has paid special attention to the growth of teenagers.

She also has provided financial aid to dozens of students to help them complete their studies.


1. How many AIDS orphans participated in the camp?

2. What was Peng’s career before she became China’s first lady?

3. In what province is the Summer Camp for AIDS orphans?


1. More than 50.

2. Singer.

3. Hebei province.

The story is broadcast by Charles McDermid.

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