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Safety and stability boosted in prison system

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No prison escapes or deaths have been reported at China's jails since last year despite an increase of inmates convicted of violent crimes, the Ministry of Justice reports.

According to the ministry, this marks the best period of safety in recent years.

Officials told China Daily that several years ago there were at least ten attempts at escape or deaths in prisons each year.

“Faced with complex situations, we have taken effective measures to strengthen the standardization of management to ensure safety in the prison system,” said a ministry official who wished to go unnamed.

The ministry says that there are currently 1.7 million inmates in the prison system, a sharp increase from five years ago. Official growth rate numbers are not available, however the number of violent crimes in the country has risen sharply.

Violent convicts are those convicted of rape, murder, and the planning and organization of terror attacks, as well as those that operate mafialike gangs.

Supervision had been increased for dangerous convicts in the prison system. Training has been stepped up for guards who are learning how to stop bullying in prisons. They are also trained to spot criminal activity.

The ministry says that education reform is crucial for prisoners.

“We will focus on the convicts’ skills training and psychological counseling to improve their skills to prepare them for a smooth return to society,” the official said.

All prisoners have been given psychological tests and counseling with 60 percent of them awarded certificates for skills training on their release.


1. How many inmates are currently in the Chinese prison system?

2. What percentage of prisoners receive skill training certificates upon release

3. What kind of crime is on a sharp rise?


1. 1.7 million.

2. 60 percent.

3. Violent crime.

The story is broadcast by Eric Jou.

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