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雅虎公布07十大热门搜索榜 布兰妮再度夺冠
Britney Spears tops list of Yahoo! searches for 2007
[ 2007-12-05 09:34 ]

Britney Spears

Love her or hate her, Britney Spears fascinated people in 2007 with the disgraced pop princess heading a list of the top 10 searches on Yahoo! again.

Spears, who turned 26 on Sunday, continued to draw attention as she shaved her head, attacked a photographer's car with an umbrella, went to rehab, fought with ex-husband Kevin Federline over the custody of their two sons, and released her first album in four years.

"The searches would spike every time she was back in the news," Vera Chan, senior editor at Yahoo! said.

Spears has topped the annual Yahoo! list for six of the past seven years, only losing out once -- in 2004 -- to her friend and fellow party girl Paris Hilton.

Hilton, however, was slipping in the search list until May when she was sentenced to 45 days in jail after violating her probation on a previous traffic offense.

She ended up at No. 3 on the list from No. 5 last year.

Actress Lindsay Lohan, who also spent 84 minutes in jail for a drunken driving and cocaine-possession, came sixth in the search list, up from No. 10 last year.

The No. 2 search, unchanged from last year, was for WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, with a lot of interest in the death of professional wrestler Chris Benoit who killed his wife and son then hanged himself.

Naruto, the Japanese manga series, came fourth in the list.

Online gaming took two slots in the list for the first time with the free  multi-player game RuneScape at No. 7 and Fantasy Football at No. 8.

But it wasn't only falling celebrities who won attention.

Singer Beyonce Knowles came fifth in the list, up from No 7. last year, as she continued to build her business empire and singer Fergie came in at No. 9.

Jessica Alba arrived on the list at No. 10, helped by being named magazine FHM's "2007's Sexiest Woman in the World."

Off the list? Jessica Simpson dropped off, as did Pamela Anderson, Shakira and hip hop's Chris Brown. American Idol was no longer a top search which Chan attributed to the show concentrating more on celebrities than wannabe stars.  






雅虎的高级编辑Vera Chan说:“只要她一上新闻,搜索量就会猛增。”











今年落榜的明星包括杰西卡•辛普森、帕梅拉•安德森、夏奇拉和嘻哈大师克里斯•布朗。“美国偶像”也不再是热门搜索,据Vera Chan分析,这主要是因为这个选秀节目现在更侧重于名人,而并非想成名的人。





multi-player game:联众游戏

wannable star:想成名的人





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