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Yoga instructions added to parking tickets to calm recipients

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The tickets have an image of a yoga position on the front of the envelope, with instructions on the reverse on how to implement various moves.

A US city is handing out parking tickets with pictures of yoga positions on them in a bid to calm down angry recipients.

Parking control officers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have been issued with 40,000 of the placatory citations. They are the brainchild of one Daniel Peltz, an "artist in residence" with the Cambridge Traffic and Parking Department. The tickets have an image of a yoga position on the front of the envelope, with instructions on the reverse on how to implement various moves.

Susan Clippinger, the city's transportation chief, tells The Boston Herald the purpose of the tickets is to "debunk the idea that all parking tickets are a hostile action. We’re not writing tickets to get somebody. We’re writing tickets to help make the city function.”

The move has not met with universal approval, according to Boston TV channel WHDH 7. One woman told their reporter: “I think it's a waste of an envelope because if I got this as a ticket I am not looking at the poses to relax, believe me", while another resident claimed: "It wouldn't relax me, it would just tick me off more, to know my money is being wasted again." Cambridge resident Hyunho Noh told the Herald "it's not working" as he showed up to pay a $25 ticket. “I don’t like it. There’s no way to like it.”

The Cambridge Arts Council, which is behind the move, says on its website: “During his residency, Peltz learned that the aim of the Department of Traffic, Parking and Transportation was to maintain flow in the city, which led him to imagine a more peaceful exchange between Parking Control Officers and drivers being ticketed.”

Parking control officers in the East Coast American city hand out 340,000 parking tickets a year. According to Mrs Clippinger, the officers have had a mixed reaction to the move.






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