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Bulletproof human skin made from spider silk and goat milk developed by researchers

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荷兰研究人员最近用基因改良后的山羊奶和蜘蛛丝研制出了能够抵御子弹的人造皮肤。他们发现,经过基因改良的山羊奶含有跟蜘蛛丝相同的蛋白质。这种蛋白质从山羊奶中提取出来后便可将其拉伸进而编织成一种硬度相当于钢铁10倍的材料。这种材料可以在5周内跟人体皮肤融合,生出一层能够刀枪不入的“防弹皮肤”。据介绍,研究人员用.22口径长步枪子弹的重量和速度将该研究项目命名为“2.6g 329m/s”。该研究的最终目的是用这种防弹皮肤代替人体皮肤中的角蛋白,从而造出真正的“防弹超人”。



It might look like a poorly drawn picture of an alien, but this is actually one of the most advanced types of skin ever made - that can even stop bullets.

It might look like a poorly drawn picture of an alien, but this is actually one of the most advanced types of skin ever made - that can even stop bullets.

Researchers genetically engineered goats to produce milk which is packed with the same protein as silk spiders.

Once this is milked out it can be spun out and weaved into a material that is ten times stronger than steel.

The fabric can then be blended with human skin to make what the scientists hope will be tough enough to stop even a bullet.

Dutch researcher Jalila Essaidi said the 'spidersilk' project was called '2.6g 329m/s' after the weight and the velocity of a .22 calibre long rifle bullet.

Working with the Forensic Genomics Consortium in the Netherlands, she said the goal was to replace the keratin in our skin with the spider’s silk.

The first stage involves growing a layer of real skin around a sample of the bulletproof skin, which takes about five weeks.

A video posted by the researchers on YouTube shows a bullet then being fired into the mixture of the two.

Essaidi said that the project was making science fiction a reality, even if the tests results were not yet perfect.

‘Imagine a spidersilk vest, capable of catching bullets, the modern day equivalent of Genghis Khan’s arrows,’ she said.

‘Now, let’s take this one step further, why bother with a vest: imagine replacing keratin, the protein responsible for the toughness of the human skin, with this spidersilk protein.

‘This is possible by adding the silk producing genes of a spider to the gnome of a human: creating a bulletproof human.

‘Science-fiction? Maybe, but we can get a feeling of what this transhumanistic idea would be like by letting a bulletproof matrix of spidersilk merge with an in vitro human skin.’

Bullet proof vests have been around for decades but skin that can stop them has only been the preserve of science fiction.

The most famous example is Superman, or the Man of Steel - bullets simply ricochet off of him.







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