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英国上议院IT扫盲 教议员玩游戏
Play more computer games to improve techno 'know how', iPad lords urged

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英国上议院IT扫盲 教议员玩游戏

英国上议院IT扫盲 教议员玩游戏

Amid fears Lords may struggle with iPads, it has been suggested they have 'Angry Birds' lessons to get to grips with the technology

Allowing iPads into the chamber was supposed to drag the House of Lords into the 21st century.

But it turns out peers aren’t quite ready for the IT revolution – with the result that remedial classes in computer games have been prescribed.

To the anger of traditionalists, officials have suggested teaching the noble lords how to play games such as Angry Birds to improve their technological know-how.

It follows the controversial decision by the Lords administration and works committee to allow handheld devices including tablets and smartphones into the chamber for a one-year trial.

Officials said they could provide peers with relevant ‘parliamentary papers and other documents’ during debates.

But amid fears the Lords may struggle with the devices, one committee member suggested they should get ‘Angry Birds lessons’ so that they ‘really understand what this stuff is all about’.

Tory peer Lord Tebbit criticised the idea as ‘nonsense’. ‘If peers haven’t got the brains to work out how to use the devices themselves, they shouldn’t be in here,’ he added.

‘I am concerned that while iPads can help Lords find information during debates, they will end up paying more attention to them than what is going on.’






英国上议院IT扫盲 教议员玩游戏

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