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英设计师打造诡异“头发婚纱 ”
TV travellers' seamstress creates £50,000 wedding gown made of human hair

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英国知名婚纱设计师特尔玛·马蒂恩利用长达250米的真发发片制作了一件独一无二的“头发婚纱”。它由马蒂恩和8名发型师耗时12天合作完成,价值约为5万英镑(约合50万元人民币)。马蒂恩称,“头发婚纱”的制作工艺十分复杂,需要先缝制好12条布制衬裙,然后在衬裙上一层层地缝上发片并嵌上1500颗水晶,婚纱重量超过93.5公斤。“头发婚纱”看上去美轮美奂、新颖别致,却同时令人感到有些毛骨悚然,真的有人敢穿吗?在马蒂恩看来,这根本就不是个问题,因为她当初就打定主意、要请以着装大胆而闻名于世的Lady Gaga来试穿这件婚纱。马蒂恩表示,她已经和Lady Gaga的经纪公司取得联系,希望在Lady Gaga下次到访英国时为其披上这件婚纱。

英设计师打造诡异“头发婚纱 ”

英设计师打造诡异“头发婚纱 ”

Hair comes the bride: Thelma Madine, who is the dress maker on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, has created a wedding gown made of human hair. It weighs 15 stone and is a size 6

The dress maker who shot to fame on channel4 series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has taken bizarre bridal wear to the next level - with a gown made from human hair.

Thelma Madine, the seamstress of choice for travellers in the UK, used 250 metres of hair extensions making the dress, which is valued at around £50,000.

A team of dress makers from Madine's now famous Nico bridal store worked with hairdressers from Liverpool salon Voodou to create colourful the dress.

The shocking red colour may be enough to make many a blushing bride's hair curl, but Madine said she has identified the perfect model for her daring design.

She has offered the pricey piece up to Lady Gaga to wear the next time she is in the UK.

Gaga, who specialised in everything from the glamorous to the grotesque, hit headlines in a dress made entirely of meat earlier this year.

And according to Madie, the triumph would be the ideal dress for Gaga's trademark style.

She said: 'I'd be overwhelmed if someone like Lady Gaga would consider wearing it, we think she would look amazing in it.

'In fact, we would be more than happy for her to wear it on her next tour. It's a unique creation, just like her, and I think it would be a hair match made in heaven!'

The creation came about through a collaboration with Voodou hair stylist, Ryan Edwards.

It took the handy work of eight members of staff from Nico's dress designers, famous for their role on Channel 4's Big Fat Gipsy Wedding, to make and contains 250 metres of hair.

They also used tens of thousands of individual hair wefts and different pieces of hair, 1500 crystals and 12 underskirts.

The dress was showcased at this weekend's Alternative Miss Liverpool pageant in Liverpool, where it was crowned the winner at the annual event, by star of stage and screen, Fenella Fielding.

Ryan said: 'It's something that we've been thinking about designing for a while as it's just so different.

'I approached Thelma and her team to see if they would be up for doing it and they totally loved the idea.

'It took a team of about eight people just over 12 days to make and as you can see, we used a lot of hair!'

The dress itself weighs approximately 15 stone and is a size 6.

Ryan added: 'This was a chance for us to show our creatively and originality and it's a fantastic feeling to see the finished product.

'It's fair to say we'll probably not see another dress like it for a very long time.'





英设计师打造诡异“头发婚纱 ”

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