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Single women advertise on Craigslist for temporary holiday boyfriends

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Holidates: Too busy for a year-round boyfriend? Advertise for one just for Christmas and New Year

It's one way of warding off a nosey mother's 'why haven't you got a boyfriend?' questions.

Lonely but intrepid San Francisco locals have taken to Craigslist.com to advertise for temporary boyfriends and girlfriends over the holidays.

The calls for 'holidates' lay out needs and desires in brutal honesty, stating that the contract is simply for the holiday season and that relationships will be terminated on New Year's day.

According to Huffington Post, one ad, created by two unnamed women on November 29 read: 'Let's cut to the chase: Holidays are the worst time to be single and some of us are just over it. We're two single girls looking for a pair of seasonal boyfriends for Christmas and New Years and only for Christmas and New Years.'

The two women, both 26, have since their ad flagged and taken down - and a second one suffered a similar fate at the hands of Craigslist moderators.

Taking their search for an ideal 'bromeo' to Tumblr instead, the 'womancing' duo have now set up a 'Two Girls, One Season' page where they are documenting their journey.

There, the ad goes on: 'We need two guys (preferably two in a bromance to match our womance) to stick around for the holidays. Our love will be fake, but epic. We want to make everyone jealous.'

The two women, who describe themselves as 'really hot chicks' and 'workaholics' who are too busy for full-time boyfriends, say their holiday romances will 'be like the spitting image of the last 30 minutes of Love Actually.'

The women say they are 'looking for men to attend all of the following: Our Office’s Holiday Party (open bar, holler!), Ugly Sweater Party in San Jose, Holiday Party in San Francisco, a holiday card photoshoot, and New Years Eve (guaranteed makeout sesh).'

And, men, aged between 24 and 32, you have to be willing to share your time with your temporary sweethearts: 'Your schedule should also be flexible — I mean come on, you gotta make time for your new girlfriends!'

As clear as they are in their desires, their demands for a certain type of man are equally stringent: 'What we don’t want: Crazy alcoholics, men with mommy or daddy issues, men who are looking to cheat on their current girlfriends, men who are just in it for sex, and creepers.'

'Let’s be honest, this is Craigslist,' they write, making a reference to the less savoury characters known to grace internet forums.

They encourage suitable potential candidates to email details and photos to a Gmail address.

Contract termination is a straightforward process: 'Then we dump you,' they write. 'The day after New Years.'

But it's not just women who are taking an unorthodox approach to the search for their ideal holidates.

Another post, credited with giving the two women the idea originally, reads: 'WANTED: Holiday Girlfriend - 28 (Mission District).

'Let me be clear. I want a girlfriend. But I don't really want a girlfriend. I just want one for the holidays.'

It's novel, it's honest, it's a transaction that some may disapprove of - we have to hand it to all three: It's a Hollywood rom-com script in the making.

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