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Ancient Egypt’s Lady Gaga discovered in 3,000-year-old tomb

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一群瑞士考古学家最近在埃及的帝王谷偶然发现一个古墓,古墓的主人是3000年前古埃及的一名“歌星”。为了纪念这次考古发现,研究人员将其称为古埃及的“Lady Gaga”。这个古埃及歌星的名字是尼迈·巴斯泰,专门服侍埃及太阳神Amun-Ra。考古学家根据墓中器物断定尼迈·巴斯泰曾经在最著名、最大的露天神庙卡尔纳克神庙表演过,并参加过多次纪念太阳神Amun-Ra的大型仪式,由此可见其身份的高贵。此外,研究人员还认为尼迈·巴斯泰的父亲是古埃及第22个王朝的大祭司。



Untouched remains were buried among the kings of Egypt

For researchers in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, finding an untouched tomb is an exciting prospect, but finding one that became the final resting place of an ancient superstar is downright amazing. Swiss archaeologists recently stumbled upon the pristine remains of what they are calling the "Lady Gaga" of ancient Egypt: a singer for a revered deity who was buried some 3,000 years ago.

Her name was Nehmes Bastet and she served Amun-Ra, the deity often referred to as the "God of Gods." Amun-Ra was the Sun God of ancient Egypt, and therefore held the greatest importance of all the culture's icons. Amon's status within Egyptian lore would have meant an official position as his performer carried a lot of weight.

It's unclear exactly what purpose she served as a singer, but she likely played a role in many of the large-scale events held in honor of Amun-Ra, which may have heightened her celebrity. She is believe to be the daughter of the High Priest of Amon, making her the perfect candidate for such a duty — you might even say she was born this way.

Her tomb was reportedly adorned with wooden plaques and her remains were "nicely wrapped." The tomb's location in the Valley of the Kings is particularly important because up until recently, most researchers believed that area was reserved for royalty. Her prehistoric superstar status was apparently enough to grant her a final resting place among the most cherished individuals of the era.


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