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英国流行另类婚纱照 以垃圾堆为背景
Trash the dress: new craze for ruining wedding gowns hits the UK

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说起婚纱照,大家一般会想到圣洁的礼服和浪漫温馨的布景。可如今英国却兴起了一股毁掉婚纱的新时尚,新娘拍婚纱照时不会选择传统的拍摄布景,而是会选择树林、沙滩、屋顶、垃圾场或废弃建筑物等非传统的拍摄环境。这个新潮流源自美国,叫做“毁灭婚纱”,最近刚刚在英国开始兴起。在这类照片中,美丽优雅的婚纱与背景形成强烈反差,而这样的照片也会与婚礼当天拍摄的精美照片形成鲜明对比。摄影师阿兰•汤姆林森是这一理念的倡导者,他表示这种行为的目的是拍出惊人的、与众不同的照片。“我下一个要拍的新娘要求往她身上泼油漆” ,他说。

英国流行另类婚纱照 以垃圾堆为背景

英国流行另类婚纱照 以垃圾堆为背景

Photographer Arran Tomlinson is pioneering the idea – also known as fearless bridal or rock the frock, in Britain.

It was once of the most treasured possessions of a former bride. But the wedding dress is fast becoming an expendable part of a couple's big day after a new craze for deliberately wrecking bridal gowns hit Britain.

It's the latest trend in bridal photography, it's called Trash the Dress, and it's arrived here from America.

After the traditional bride and groom album comes a second set of pictures, the bride deliberately wrecks her gown.

Photographer Arran Tomlinson is pioneering the idea – also known as fearless bridal or rock the frock, in Britain.

He said the aim is to give brides "stunning" and "unusual" pictures to contrast with those taken on their wedding day.

The genre contrasts elegant clothing with an unusual environment such as in the woods, on a beach, on rooftops, garbage dumps, fields, and abandoned buildings.

Rachael Snape, from Blackburn, Lancashire, chose to trash her dress at Roddlesworth Reservoir, Tockholes.

She had heard Mr Tomlinson was looking for a bride and got in touch.

Mr Tomlinson said: "It's a style of photography originally from the States and it's only just catching on here now.

"From a photographer's point of view I thought it was something that made amazing pictures.

"I went on social media and asked if anyone wanted to trash their dress, and Rachael stepped forward. Leanne had put her in touch with me and she even did the make up for the photo shoot.

"As soon as I had done the shoot, I had another one booked.

"The next bride is even more extreme – she wants paint thrown at her!"

(Source: The Telegraph)




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英国流行另类婚纱照 以垃圾堆为背景

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