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Pensioners finally tie the knot 42 YEARS after he proposed

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Two lovestruck pensioners have finally exchanged vows - 42 years after they got engaged.

David Barker and Daphne Thorp from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, spent the past four decades waiting for the perfect moment to marry.

Despite getting engaged just four weeks after they met at a dance in 1972, Mr Barker said the couple simply "didn't want to rush" into married life.

After Mrs Thorp had a heart attack last year the couple decided not to wait any longer, and despite her engagement ring not fitting anymore, they tied the knot yesterday.

Mrs Thorp said: "I suddenly realised I wasn’t getting any younger. I thought, 'I’m not going to live another 40 years, let’s just do it now,' and I’m glad I did."

The ceremony, which coincided with Mrs Thorp's 82nd birthday, was held at Huddersfield Town Hall before a reception took place at her daughter Susan’s cafe in nearby village Slaithwaite.

Mrs Thorpe said her wedding day was "perfect".

She said: "Everything I had hoped for and more.

"It was a brilliant day and luckily the good weather has lasted."

Mrs Thorpe, who has two children from her previous marriage, added: "I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams."

The wedding, attending by about 30 people, was in stark contrast to Mrs Thorpe's first one which she said took place in a church 60 years ago, "it was interesting to see how traditions have changed since then".

Before the big day, Mr Barker spoke of his unconditional love for Mrs Thorpe.

"She’s fantastic - a great woman and I don’t know what I would do without her. I’ve always loved her and always will."

And told of the night she picked him out from a crowd: "I remember the night we met. I was at my local dance hall while Daphne was taking a beginner’s class upstairs. They were all told to go and find a partner and make them dance with them.

"She came and picked me while I was standing at the bar, all I could think at the time was she was gorgeous.

"We danced together and we’ve been together ever since. She’d been nagging me we ought to get engaged and we’ve just never found the right time - we didn’t want to rush."

Mr Barker originally popped the question on his birthday, when he took his now retired post office wife to a restaurant and got down on one knee.

The retired rail worker said: "She was screaming across the restaurant 'We’re getting married!'"

The couple will go on a short honeymoon in North Yorkshire before returning to married life.


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