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Lonely Japanese teen turns shower head creepy girlfriend

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There's the good kind of head over heels in love, and then there's “you might want to go get your head checked” crazy in love. All things considered, chances are that Kiyuu Oikawa belongs to this second category of people.

Not to beat about the bush, media reports say this 19-year-old man has found a way to make sure his girlfriend will always be by his side whenever he feels like taking a shower.

In a nutshell, Kiyuu Oikawa has turned the shower head in his bathroom into a replica of his girlfriend, and has even been cool enough to post photos of his work on social media, possibly to inspire others.

The home-made girlfriend, featured in the photo above, is a stunning blond complete with arms that the man can wrap around his body when bathing. It's still unclear whether the arms can also give Kiyuu Oikawa a good back rub.

What's more, the doll spits out water through her mouth. One can only assume it has inherited this ability from its previous life as a run-off-the-mill shower head with no thoughts of glory and worldwide fame.

Not at all surprisingly, the online community is now abuzz with the news of this 19-year-old man's innovative solution to fighting loneliness while in the shower. Unfortunately, there aren't all that many people who find the doll attractive.

Thus, pretty much everybody agrees that the shower-head-turned-girlfriend is positively creepy, and some have even gone as far as to say that Kiyuu Oikawa's new sweetheart is about as freaky as the girl coming out of TV sets in “The Ring.”

“The way he drapes her arms over his shoulders when he's washing his hair is particularly weird,” an Internet user says. “All he needs is to do is add red dye to the water coming out of her mouth to complete the effect,” another one jokes.

The 19-year-old says that he does not mind such comments, and maintains that he is quite proud of his work, Austrian Times informs. In fact, the man argues that enjoying a morning shower with the doll is the best possible way to start the day.

For the time being, it is unclear what Kiyuu Oikawa's real girlfriend thinks about the man's little do-it-yourself project. Then again, it's not all that hard to guess: she's either extremely flattered, or downright shocked and thinking about the future of their relationship.

Apart from the fact that it is now making international headlines, the story of the shower girlfriend has landed on the number one spot on social media. This must be because, of all the things happening in the world, the fact that somebody has turned a shower head into a doll is the one everybody should know about.


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