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调查:女人25岁最快乐 34岁最郁闷
Why women are happiest at 25 but by 34 they are at their most stressed

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调查:女人25岁最快乐 34岁最郁闷


Women aged 25 such as Daisy Lowe and Emma Stone are at their happiest while 34-year-olds such as Kelly Brook and Jessica Simpson are at the most stressful time of their lives, according to new research.

A study of 2,000 women revealed that the pressure to juggle work and family life is at its peak at the age of 34, while women aged 25 are the happiest.

The pressure of work, raising families plus paying bills and mortgages stack up to make the mid-thirties less fun than the mid-twenties for women today, according to the study.

Women in their mid-twenties also worry less about their weight, looks and social lives, than they do in their mid-thirties.

The survey also revealed that almost one in five women (18 percent) describe themselves as unhappy due to stress. This was most true of women aged 35 to 44 and those who lived north of the border, with Scottish women found to be the unhappiest in Britain.

And of all the 2,000 women surveyed, just one in eight (12 percent) believe that women are happier than men.

Of the top 10 reasons that women said stressed them out, the most important was found to be not having enough money, followed by health and the well-being of family and friends.

In fourth place it was revealed that the happiness of children and a good family life was a cause of stress, and how they came across to other people in fifth place.

Being attractive was the sixth most biggest cause of stress, closely linked with losing their looks in seventh place.

Careers were the eight biggest cause of stress for women, followed by spending enough time with friends, and finally fitness levels.

When it came to changes that could make women’s lives better it was revealed that earning more was the top priority.

Women also said that spending more quality time with friends and family was also a concern with 15 percent saying this would be the main lifestyle change they would make.

The main cause for women is that they feel they are overweight with over half (53 percent) saying this caused them stress.

Stomachs took second spot with just under half (46 percent) saying they were worried it wasn’t flat enough.

The third biggest body worry was revealed to be teeth, with 27 per cent of women saying they felt stressed by not having perfect teeth.

Nikki Cooper, the founder of beauty products firm Inner Me which commissioned the research, said: “As women enter their early to mid-thirties, balancing the demands of work and family life can be really hard work, and the ladies of this country can often find they have little ‘me’ time.”

Amanda Hamilton, a TV nutritionist added: “It’s interesting to note how women can go from the happiest, most care-free time of their lives, to the most stressful one, in just under a decade - one of the first things to suffer can be our health but it’s vital we take care of ourselves, and keep our ‘Inner Me’ happy, whatever our age.”


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