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Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift inject new life into 2014's wob

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After spending months as one of the world's most popular haircuts, the lob - or 'long bob' - has all but been forgotten by its many fans, who have instead turned their affections towards a new hairstyle sensation: the wob.

According to celebrity hairstylist Edward Tricomi, the wavy hairstyle, which is favored by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, has seen many long-time fans of the lob giving their hairstyle an update and adding a bit of bounce and body in order to create a more carefree and youthful look.

'The long, wavy bob look is very big and will stay that way for a while, as I'm consistently seeing people move toward this easy-to-style look,' Mr Tricomi, master stylist and co-founder of Warren-Tricomi Salons, told Popsugar.

'In the Winter, people usually lean toward clean yet low-maintenance styles, and this is something that fits into both categories, while also being playful and young.'

Mr Tricomi added that, while the wob, and indeed the lob, are shorter than the majority of the more popular Hollywood hairstyles in recent years, he doesn't see the trend fading any time soon, mainly because it is so easy for celebrities to grow out if they decide they want to change their look up.

That theory has certainly proved true for the likes of Karlie Kloss and Emma Stone, who are frequently seen toying with lengthier locks before reverting back to the much-loved wob within a matter of days.

'It's a short hair look without the commitment,' Mr Tricomi, who is known among his clientele as 'Edward Scissorhands thanks to his dry-hair precision styling and incredibly quick haircut technique, said. 'You can grow out quickly.'

Earlier this year, hairdresser Clyde Elezi revealed just why shoulder-length hair has become so popular during the last year.

'Everyone can suit short hair,' Mr Elezi, who ownsNew York's The Drawing Room salon, said.

'When your hair is long and plain, I guarantee no one will stop you on the street to ask about your hair.

'But when you have a stylish crop, you'll find you get endless compliments. It's all about the details.'

When it comes to styling the wob, there are a huge variety of options available, from tousled, choppy waves to a more sleek and glamorous curl - and all can be easily achieved with just a handful of tools and products.



明星发型师爱德华·特里科米(Edward Tricomi)称,詹尼佛·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)、碧昂斯(Beyoncé)以及泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)都非常喜欢卷发。为了看上去更加随性、年轻,许多长款波波头的长期粉丝还把头发烫卷,为其增添了一丝活力和韵味。

“沃伦—特里科米”沙龙(Warren-Tricomi Salons)的联合创始人和总造型师特里科米在接受Popsugar采访时表示,长款卷发波波头看起来较蓬松,而且这种蓬松感能保持一段时间,他常常看到人们选择这款比较容易打理的发型。



这番话在卡莉·克劳斯(Karlie Kloss)和艾玛·斯通(Emma Stone)身上得到了验证。她们俩经常在一段时间内不停地变换发型,之后又换回她们最爱的卷发波波头。

特里科米因其吹发技术精湛、理发速度快,在顾客中享有一定的知名度。顾客们称他为“剪刀手爱德华”(Edward Scissorhands)。他表示,这种短发并不是一成不变的,它很快就可以长长了。

今年年初,理发师克莱德·埃莱齐(Clyde Elezi)解释了去年齐肩长发流行的原因。

埃莱齐拥有纽约的The Drawing Room沙龙。他认为每个人都适合短发。




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