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Narrator: 大家好!欢迎再次收听《白领英语》。最近 Tip Top 贸易公司员工们手上的活儿都很多,不过已经忙得焦头烂额的 Anna 刚听说自己需要为新研发的塑料茄子举办一个产品发布会。这个产品发布会要在周末举办,可是到现在连场地都还没定。看样子 Anna得需要大伙儿好好帮帮她!

(In Paul’s office)

Paul: So Anna, I’m sorry Tom didn’t tell you but do you think you can turn something round by Friday?

Anna: I’ll try, but what do I need to do?

Paul: Oh not much, book a room somewhere, send out some invites… arrange some food… and drink… that sort of thing.

Anna: That’s all?!

Paul: You can do it - you’re great at this kind of thing. And get the team to help.

Anna: Well, I’ll give it a go. See you later.

Paul: Thanks Anna. (Calling out) Oh, and don’t forget to order some of those posh Belgian chocolate biscuits, they always go down well.

(Door shuts)

Narrator: 哎呀呀 Anna, 看样子你的任务很艰巨。不过就像 Paul 所说,你肯定能做好的,没问题!

Anna: Thanks.

Tom: Are you OK Anna? You look a bit worried.

Anna: I am. You forgot to tell me about the product launch on Friday and now Paul wants me to organise it.

Tom: Did I? Oh sorry. Look, if I can help in any way just let me know.

Anna: Well, you could book a venue for the launch.

Tom: Ahh, yeah… just remembered I’ve got some Imperial Lemons I need to send out. Maybe later, yeah?

Anna: (Sighs) How am I going to find a venue for the launch at such short notice?

Narrator: 别着急。你可以先问问别人有没有好的场地给你推荐,要么你上网搜索一下,再不然看看黄页电话簿里收录的场地有没有适合的,可以打几个电话问问。你可以问 “Could I check the availability for your venue please? 请问你们的场地预定情况怎么样?”;然后再问“What business facilities do you have? 你们的场地提供哪些设备?”还有 “How many people can the room or venue hold? 你们的场地能容纳多少人?”。你还可以问“Can you provide hospitality? 你们能提供餐饮酒水服务吗?”最后,别忘了问“How much does it cost? 租这样一个场地得多少钱?”

Anna: Thanks, there’s a lot to ask. (To Denise) Hi Denise, I’ve got to book a venue for our plastic aubergine launch. Have you any ideas?

Denise: Well, my friend Marge works for a hotel company that has conference facilities. You could give her a call. Here’s her number.

Anna: Oh thanks Denise. Let’s give it a try… 0–2–0–7–5–6–9–2.

Marge: Hello, the Pitz Hotel. Margery speaking.

Anna: Oh hi, this is Anna from Tip Top Trading, I’m a friend of Denise’s.

Marge: Oh hi Anna. I’ve heard all about you. What are you ringing for?

Anna: I need to check availability for your venue for a product launch we’re doing.

Marge: Right! Well, I’m sure I can help. We do have a conference room. When is it for?

Anna: This Friday.

Marge: Friday! This Friday? Well… that’s a bit tricky: the room is being decorated at the moment.

Anna: Oh.

Marge: But we do have a smaller room that you could use – it’s got a lovely view of the car park.

Anna: I see… and how many people does it hold?

Marge: You could easily squeeze in about 20 people.

Anna: 20 people. I guess it will have to do. Do you have any business facilities –somewhere to plug in the laptop, projector, wi-fi, that sort of thing?

Marge: Oh yes, yes, we’re very hi-tech. We even have a fax machine!

Anna: And can you provide hospitality too?

Marge: Of course! We do a ‘business platter’ consisting of orange juice, wine, canapés – that really means cheese and pineapple on sticks.

Anna: I wonder, can you also provide Belgian chocolate biscuits?

Marge: I’m sure we can.

Anna: That’s great. And most importantly, how much does it cost?

Marge: Well, to book the room for 2 hours usually costs £1,000. The hospitality is extra but as you’re a friend of Denise, I’ll throw it in for nothing.

Anna: You’ll throw the food and drink in?! Won’t that get messy?

Marge: No - I mean we’ll provide it for free. Just don’t tell anyone, otherwise everyone will expect it!

Anna: Well, that’s fantastic Marge. Thanks. If you can send us an invoice, we’ll sort payment out as soon as possible.

Marge: Bye Anna, and tell Denise I’ll see her for our Zumba class tomorrow.

Narrator: Anna 又一次转危为安,新产品塑料茄子发布会将如期举行。如果你需要为商务会议或产品发布找场地的话,下面的这些表达你应该会用的上:

Could I check availability for your venue please?

What business facilities do you have?

How many people can the room or venue hold?

Can you provide hospitality?

How much does it cost?

Denise: So Anna, was Marge any help?

Anna: Yes. She found me a room and gave me a good deal. We just need to invite our clients now.

Denise: I can do that. I think it’s best if I call them - there’s no time to post out invitations.

Anna: Good idea.

Denise: But I just need to give Marge a call first, just to check a few things.

Tom: Typical Denise. Nothing’s more urgent than talking to Marge!

Narrator: Tom 可真能说呀!不过看来想要搞定什么事情,找 Anna 肯定没错儿。下集节目我们接着看 Anna 还有什么其它本领。再见!

Glossary 词汇

This week's programme focuses on the language that you might use when trying to book a venue for a business meeting or a product launch.

Phrases from the programme:

Could I check availability for your venue please? 请问你们的场地预定情况怎么样?

What business facilities do you have? 你们的场地提供哪些设备?

How many people can the room or venue hold? 你们的场地能容纳多少人?

Can you provide hospitality? 你们能提供餐饮酒水服务吗?

How much does it cost? 租这样一个场地得多少钱?






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