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Dance Moves can Reveal Your Personality

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By Richard Gray

The way you dance can reveal information about your personality, scientists have found.

It is where many couples firstset eyes on one another—and now research suggests that thedance floor is the perfect place to gauge a prospective partner’s personality. Scientists have claimed that the way a person gyrates in time to music can betray secrets of their character. Using personality tests, the researchers assessed volunteers into one of five “types”. They then observed how each members of each group danced to different kinds of music. They found that:

* Extroverts moved their bodies around most on the dance floor, often with energetic and exaggerated movements of their head and arms.

* Neurotic individuals danced with sharp, jerky movements of their hands and feet.

* Agreeable personalities tended to have smoother dancing styles, making use of the dance floor by moving side to side while swinging their hands.

* Open-minded people tended to make rhythmic up-and-down movements, and did not move around as much as most of the others.

* People who were conscientious or dutiful moved around the dance floor a lot, and also moved their hands over larger distances than other dancers.

Dr Geoff Luck of the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland, who led the research, said: “Music is known to evoke strong emotions in people and emotions can be expressed through bodily movement. People use body motions as reliable indicators of others’ personality types, and even the movements of robots have been shown to elicit attributes of ‘personality’ by observers.”


reveal 显示,透露,泄露

personality 个性,性格

set eyes on 看,看见

dance floor 舞池

gauge 估计,判断

prospective 未来的,可能的

gyrate 旋转,回旋

betray (非故意地)暴露,显露

extrovert 性格外向的人

energetic 精力充沛的,充满活力的

exaggerated 夸张的

neurotic 神经过敏的,神经质的

sharp 急速的

jerky 忽动忽停的,痉挛性的

agreeable 讨人喜欢的,令人愉快的

open-minded 思想开阔的,虚心的

rhythmic 有节奏的

up-and-down 一上一下的,忽上忽下的

conscientious 认真的,勤勤恳恳的

dutiful 尽职的

Finland 芬兰

robot 机器人

elicit 使露出,推导出

attribute 属性,特性