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So Far

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Do you like to take naps[1]? Where? Do you also like to snack? What do you like to nibble on? Can you sleep when you’re famished? If you’re starving, will you go to an empty restaurant? And, will you order the pig’s nose sandwich? Do you think Charlie’s will stay in business?


By Charlie Morgan

李薇 译注

A: You look sleepy.

B: Yes, I only had four hours of sleep last night, and I’ve only had one cup of coffee today. I’ve been yawning non-stop[2], up to now.

A: Wow, no wonder you’re sleepy. I slept for eight hours, I’ve had four cups of coffee so far, and I’m still a bit drowsy. I think learning English is tiring. I’ll take a nap when the teacher isn’t looking.

B: I need a short snooze, too, but I can’t sleep. I’m starving, and my stomach keeps growling. I didn’t have breakfast this morning.

A: I ate a big breakfast, and I had a snack during our coffee break. So far today, I’ve eaten a lot of food. But, I’m still famished. Learning English makes you hungry, I think. Maybe I’ll nibble on a bag of peanuts.

B: Yes, I usually bring some celery[3] to munch on, but I forgot my lunch at home. I have to wait until lunchtime.

A: My lunch is almost finished. I’ve eaten almost all of it. I’ll be ravenous by lunchtime. I wonder if you’d like to go out for lunch.

B: Sounds good, but I’ve eaten out[4] every day this week, so far. I’m over budget. Do you know a cheap place? I can’t afford to go to a nice place.

A: How about Charlie’s? Have you been there before?

B: No, I haven’t. Every time I pass by, it’s empty, so I avoid it. I think it’ll go out of business soon.

A: Maybe. But, they’re still in business, and they’re very inexpensive. I’ve been there once. I had a pig’s nose sandwich. It was dirt cheap.

B: Do you like pig’s nose? How many times have you eaten it?

A: I’ve had it many times. But, they also have chicken sandwiches.

B: Okay, let’s do it. But, I’m not going to order the pig’s nose. After I see it, I won’t feel hungry anymore, and I won’t be able to sleep!


1. nap: (尤指白天)小睡,打盹。

2. non-stop: 不停地,不断地。

3. celery: 芹菜。

4. eat out: 在饭店吃饭,不在家吃饭。


1. yawn a. very hungry

2. no wonder b. extremely hungry

3. so far c. extremely hungry, like a wolf

4. drowsy d. sleepy

5. snooze e. eat very little bites, such as a snack (popcorn)

6. starving f. eat little bites noisily

7. growl g. don’t have enough money to buy

8. famished h. spent too much money, can’t buy more now

9. nibble on i. stay away from it

10. munch on j. now I understand why—of course!

11. ravenous k. a nap (short and nice sleep)

12. over budget l. up to now

13. can’t afford m. make a long deep sound

14. avoid n. to open mouth wide because of sleepiness or boredom

15. go out of business o. (store or shop etc.) closes down

16. inexpensive p. cheap and of good quality for the price you pay

17. dirt cheap q. extremely cheap

Answers: 1–n, 2–j, 3–l, 4–d, 5–k, 6–a, 7–m, 8–b, 9–e, 10–f, 11–c, 12–h, 13–g, 14–i, 15–o, 16–p, 17–q


Charlie Morgan,供职于多伦多教育局,为来自非英语国家的加拿大移民教授英语(Adult ESL)。Charlie 一直在为他的课堂教学设计“日常会话”,题材涉及日常生活的方方面面,以此帮助学生们更好地融入英语环境。我们选登的“日常会话” 都配有MP3,欢迎到《阳光英语》网站收听、下载。