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    群众欢庆游行 mass pageant
    阅兵式 military review
    民主集中制 Democratic Centralism
    农转非 Change From Rural Residents to Urban Residents
    政企分开 Separate Government Functions from Enterprise Management
    依法治国 Rule of Law
    两岸直航包机 Direct Chartered Flight Across the Taiwan Straits
    基层群众自治制度 System of Community Level Self-Governance
    信访 Letters and Visits
    星火计划 Spark Program
    以人为本 Put People First
    科学发展观 Scientific Outlook on Development
    双拥 Double Support
    社会主义荣辱观 Socialist Concept of Honor and Disgrace
    南巡讲话 South Tour Speeches
    实事求是 To Seek Truth from Facts
    与时俱进 Keep Up With the Times
    一国两制 One Country, Two Systems
    三通Three Direct Links
    和谐社会A Harmonious society
    三个代表 Three Represents
    "三讲" 教育 "Three Emphasis" Education
    863计划 863 Program
    爱国统一战线 Patriotic United Front

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