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小测验 — 形容词变名词的方法


在英语中,“the + 形容词” 的结构可用来描述一组具有相同特征的人。比如,定冠词 “the” + “poor(穷困的)” 可组成搭配 “the poor (穷人)”;定冠词 “the” + “Russian (俄罗斯的,俄罗斯人)” 可组成搭配 “the Russian” 俄罗斯人。怎样用这个结构来说 “失业者、流浪者”?做小测验,选出能替换句子当中斜体部分的词组,巩固有关英语中形容词变名词结构的知识点。

1. People from Brazil enjoy watching football.

a) The Braziliers

b) The Brazilish

c) The Brazilians

d) Brazil people

2. The government has created a scheme to get people without jobs back to work.

a) people unemployed

b) the unemployed

c) the no job people

d) the employless

3. Luxury yachts are seen by many as the status symbol of people who are rich and famous.

a) the wealth and celebrity

b) rich and the famous

c) be rich and famous

d) the rich and famous

4. _______ make wonderful cheeses.

a) The French

b) The Frenchish

c) France people

d) The Francers

5. The memorial happens every year to honour the people who died in the accident.

a) the died

b) the dead

c) the dead people

d) the lifeless

6. The shelter was set up to give people with no homes somewhere to live.

a) the people homeless

b) the no home people

c) the homeless

d) the unhomed

7. It’s difficult for people who are young to buy a house when house prices are so high.

a) the youngish

b) the unold

c) the younged

d) the young

8. The nurses in the hospital did a great job of looking after the people who weren’t well.

a) the sick

b) the not well

c) the unwell people

d) the sickish


1) c, 2) b, 3) d, 4) a, 5) b, 6) c, 7) d, 8) a.

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