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书单:2020年豆瓣评分最高的10本书 Douban: The 10 Best Books of 2020

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1 The Art of Mondo

Based in Austin, Texas, Mondo is an art gallery and online store devoted to the love of film, art, music and collectibles. Over the years, the company has received global recognition for its incredible art posters that bring to life classic films, television shows, and comics from Star Wars to Robocop, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones and much more.

The Art of Mondo brings together this highly sought-after art in one volume that showcases the incredible ingenuity of the studio's diverse stable of artists whose vastly different styles are united by one guiding principle: limitless passion for their subject matter.


2 The Coming of the Third Reich

There is no story in 20th-century history more important to understand than Hitler's rise to power and the collapse of civilization in Nazi Germany. The Coming of the Third Reich, by Richard Evans, offers a masterful synthesis of scholarly work integrated with important new research and interpretations.

3 Know My Name

Chanel Miller's breathtaking memoir is praised to be the Best Book of the Year in People magazine. It's a story of trauma and transcendence, shining with the courage required to move through suffering and live a full and beautiful life.

4 Patriarchy and Capitalism

Chizuko Ueno, a leading Japanese sociologist, feminist critic and public intellectual, has been a pioneer in women's studies and the author of many books, including Patriarchy and Capitalism.


5 Uzumaki

Uzumaki (or "Spiral" in English) is a seinen horror manga series written and illustrated by Junji Ito. The series tells the story of the citizens of Kurouzu-cho, a fictional city which is plagued by a supernatural curse involving spirals.


6 Fragments

This book invites readers into Elena Ferrante's workshop. Consisting of over 20 years of letters, essays, reflections and interviews, it is a unique depiction of an author who embodies a consummate passion for writing.


7 A Wild Child's Guide to Endangered Animals

From New York Times bestselling author Millie Marotta comes this gorgeous celebration of the animal kingdom. Highlighting the plight of 43 endangered species from around the world, the book takes readers on a trip through freshwater, oceans, forests, mountains, tundra, deserts, grasslands and wetlands while learning about rare and well-known animals and their habitats.


8 Vision

Tao Yong, a senior ophthalmologist at Chaoyang Hospital, was seriously injured in a knife attack on Jan 20. After undergoing months of treatment he managed to returned to his job.



9 Marcovaldo

Marcovaldo is a collection of 20 short stories written by Italo Calvino. Depicting the life of a poor rural man with his family living in northern Italy, the stories unfold according to the seasonal cycle of a year – or five times in this case. Common themes in the stories include pollution, appearance versus reality, failure, poverty and consumerism.


10 The Rings of Saturn

The Rings of Saturn is a 1995 novel by the German writer W. G. Sebald. Its first-person narrative arc is the account by a nameless narrator on a walking tour of Suffolk, UK. In addition to describing the places he sees and people he encounters, Sebald discusses various episodes of history and literature, including the introduction of silkworm cultivation to Europe and the writings of Thomas Browne.





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