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Healthcare robots 英国科学家研发医疗机器人




Healthcare robots 英国科学家研发医疗机器人


有关 “helping(帮忙)” 的词汇


What has been reduced by using robots to do heavy manual work?


Physiotherapy – robot style. Could this be the long-term future of some NHS [National Health Service] care?


Here at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, they’re experimenting with a robot programmed to interact with patients for simple forms of physio. Another possible use might be basic bedside checks.


Remember not to take your medication on an empty stomach.


Use for real is still some way off, but hospital leaders think this could help ease workforce pressure.


Dr Tim Whittlestone, Deputy Medical Director, Southmead Hospital
Everyone understands that people want more out of healthcare as they live longer. We have not enough workforce to deliver those demands, and of course, robotics and technology can be taught to do mundane, repeat menial tasks.

蒂姆·惠特斯顿医生       索斯米德医院副医疗主管

The hospital is working with the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, looking at future care of patients in their own homes. This device can be controlled remotely to help with basic household tasks.


Technology can clearly help those who need assistance at home, but might people feel they lose out from lack of human contact?


Professor Praminda Caleb-Solly, Bristol Robotics Laboratory
In no way are we looking to replace people, because I myself wouldn’t want that. So, I wouldn’t want to think about that as a possibility for anyone else. The idea here is to augment and improve the care provision and the quality of care that can be provided.

普拉敏达·凯勒布·索利教授       布里斯托尔机器人实验室

And away from patients, there’s automation. Robotic portering delivers most supplies around the hospital, including to operating theatres and meals for the wards. They even have their own lifts. Because they do the heavy manual work, staff injuries have been reduced.


Robot technology is also at work in the hospital pharmacy. Orders for medicines are processed rapidly and made ready for clinical teams. Pharmacists say it improves patient safety by eliminating human error.


Hugh Pym, BBC Health Editor
Whether they’re moving supplies around hospitals or having direct contact with patients, robotic devices are thought to offer, potentially, major long-term benefits to the NHS. But there are big questions over what that will mean for patients’ experiences and the impact on staff.

休·皮姆       BBC卫生事务编辑

Helen Stokes Lampard, Chair, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
I’m excited about the increased use of technology in care homes, but also throughout the NHS. There’s tremendous potential there. But of course, as a scientist, I want to see the evidence too. I want to make sure that things are safe, that they are effective, and there are no unexpected side effects or consequences.

海伦·斯托克斯·兰帕德       皇家医学院院长

They won’t necessarily offer cups of tea or even look like this. But the fact that hospital leaders are working with engineers on robotics, shows there is a radical vision for post-pandemic health and care.



menial tasks 枯燥乏味的工作

assistance 帮助

augment 增强,提高

portering 搬运

made ready 准备完毕


Because robots can do the heavy manual work, staff injuries have been reduced.



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