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单词 subject 怎么用?



“Subject” 可以作名词、动词和形容词用。名词 “subject” 的意思包括 “主语”、科目” 和 “话题”。但 “subject” 作动词和形容词时的含义与它的名词含义并不接近。看视频,学习 “subject” 的多个用法。 


1 名词 “subject” 可以指英语语法结构里的 “主语”。

'George' is the subject of the sentence 'George baked a cake'.

2 名词 “subject” 还可以指 “(学校里教授的)学科,科目”。

My favourite subject at school was music.

3 名词 “subject” 还可以指 “(讨论或研究的)主题,题目,话题”。

She has written many books on the subject of sleep.

Please discuss the subject of your essay with your tutor before writing it.

4 “Subject” 作动词时的意思是 “(使)承受,(使)遭受”。搭配 “subject someone to something” 表示 “使某人遭受”。

注意:动词 “subject” 的读音与名词和形容词不同,重音在后 /səbˈdʒekt/。

She subjected us to her terrible singing.

I won't subject you to my boring talks any longer.

5 形容词 “subject(取决于)” 常用在固定搭配 “be subject to something” 中,表示 “受到...的影响,受制于”。

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