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Up 《飞屋环游记》精讲之五
[ 2009-10-28 15:43 ]

Dessert: 东西方的餐后甜点




Muntz: Epsilon, you've done it again!

Russell: Yeah! Hey! Hey!

Mr. Fredricksen: My Ellie would have loved all these. You know, because of you she had this dream to come down here and live by the fall.

Muntz: I'm honored. And now you've made it.

Mr. Fredricksen: You sure we're not a bother? I'd hate to impose.

Muntz: No, no, it's a pleasure to have guests. A real treat.

Dogs: Treat? Where's my treat? I want my treat!

Muntz: I shouldn't have used that word. Having guests is a delight! More often I get thieves trying to steal what is rightfully mine.

Mr. Fredricksen: No...

Muntz: They called me a fraud, those...But once I bring back this creature, my name will be cleared. Beautiful, isn't it? Oh, I've spent a lifetime tracking it. Sometimes, years go by between seeings. I've tried to smoke it out of that death land where it lives. Can't go in after it. Once in, there's no way out. I lost so many dogs. Here they come those bandits who think the bird is theirs to take! But they soon found that this mountain is a very dangerous place.

Up 《飞屋环游记》精讲之五

Russell: Hey, that looks like Kevin!

Muntz: Kevin?

Russell: Yeah, that's my new giant pet bird! I trained it to follow us.

Muntz: Follow you? Impossible. How?

Russell: She likes chocolate.

Muntz: Chocolate?

Russell: Yeah. I gave her some of my chocolate. She goes wild about it.

Mr. Fredricksen: But it ran off. Let's go now.

Muntz: You know, Carl... these people who pass through here they all tell pretty good stories. A surveyor making a map...a botanist cataloguing plants...an old man taking his house to Paradise Falls. That's the best one yet, I can't wait to hear how it ends.

Mr. Fredricksen: Well, it's been a wonderful evening, but we'd better be going.

Muntz: You're not leaving.

Mr. Fredricksen: We don't want to take advantage of your hospitality. Come on, Russell.

Russell: But we haven't even had dessert yet.

Muntz: Oh, the boy is right. You haven't had dessert.  Epsilon here makes a delicious cherries jubilee. You really must stay! I insist! We have so much more to talk about!

Russell: Kevin?

Muntz: It's near. Get them!


1. impose: 勉强某人做某事,强加。

例如:He imposed his presence on us for the weekend.(他硬要跟我们一起过周末。)

2. fraud: 骗子。

我们平时还常用swindler来表示“骗子”。此外,fraud还可以表示“欺骗、冒牌货”,例如: He obtained the money by fraud. (他骗得了那笔钱。)

3. clear one’s name: to prove someone is innocent of a crime or misdeed of which he has been accused.为某人洗清冤屈,挽回某人的名声。

例如:The spokesman released a statement attempting to clear his client's name.(发言人发布了一则声明,想以此澄清委托人的名声。)

而“替自己洗清嫌疑”,就可以用clear oneself of/from a charge来表示。

4. years go by between seeings: 时光匆匆。

类似的说法还有:How time flies!

5. smoke out: 查出,使公之于众。

例如:The old war criminal was at last smoked out from his hiding place abroad.(这个老战犯终于被人从他在国外的藏匿处查获。)

6. go wild: 气得或喜得发狂。

有时我们也用go hog wild来表示这种意思。

例如:The kids went hog wild, chasing the poor puppy all around the house, then fighting over who got to hold it, pet it and give it a bowl of dog food.(孩子们简直高兴得发疯,把可怜的小狗追赶得满屋子团团转,接着又争着抢着要抱它,抚摸它,并给它吃一碗狗食。)

7. botanist: 植物学家。

例如:The botanist met with many rare plants.(这个植物学家偶然发现了许多稀有植物。)

8. take advantage of: 利用,占……的便宜。


此外,take advantage of还可以表示“占某人的便宜”。例如:It never occurred to me to take advantage of him.(我决没有想到过要占他的便宜。)

9. dessert: 餐后甜点。

Dessert乃借自法文,特指正餐之后的那一道甜点,区别于tea time的闲食。

考考你 小试牛刀

Dessert: 东西方的餐后甜点

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