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The Proposal《假结婚》精讲之五

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Andrew's mother: Oh, there they are. There they are. Margaret!

Gammy: Woo!

Andrew's mother: We need Margaret.

Gammy: Afraid we're going to have to steal you away, young lady.

Margaret: Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm just gonna keep...

Gammy: No, not to worry. No strippers, no chanting in the woods. Promise.

Margaret: Oh, well...

Andrew's mother: Yeah. Come on. But not you. It's girl stuff. You'd hate it.

Margaret: But...

Gammy: Come on.

Margaret: Um, OK. Will I, uh...are these shoes OK for what we're gonna do?

Gammy: I can't believe this is happening. My mother made this dress by hand. In this very shop. In 1929. It's funny how things come back in style.

Margaret: Just...just finishing up the buttons.

Andrew's mother: Yeah, and don't worry about the fit because Annie is the best tailor in southeast Alaska.

Gammy: Oh... Pssh.

The Proposal《假结婚》精讲之五

Margaret: Wow, incredible. Maybea tad loose in certain areas, but otherwise...

Gammy: Oh, sorry. I'm a bitchesty to begin with and I happened to be knocked up when I wore this. Oh, let's see if we can find your boobs. They're in there somewhere.

Andrew's mother: Yes. Yes, they are.

Gammy: This is like an Easter egg hunt.

Margaret: Maybe they shrunk up in the cold Alaskan air.

Gammy: Oh! There they are.

Margaret: That...yes. That would be...

Gammy: There, let's see.

Andrew's mother: I was thinking, if you'd like, maybe we could head down your way for the holidays this year.

Margaret: Oh, that would, uh... that would be nice. That'd be nice. Or maybe we could come to you, too.

Andrew's mother: Well, that would be lovely.

Margaret: Mmm-hmm.

Andrew's mother: I would like that very much.

Gammy: Oh, Grace, for God's sake. We've got work to do.

Andrew's mother: I know. I'm sorry.

Gammy: Go make yourself a cup of tea. I'll finish this. Go. Now, let's make this absolute perfection. Now, just one special touch and you're ready. It's been in the family for more than 150 years.

Margaret: Annie, it's beautiful, but I don't really think...

Gammy: Shh. I'm not finished.

Margaret: Oh, sorry.

Gammy: My great-grandfather gave it to my great-grandmother when they got married. They were quite a scandal, you know. He was Russian and she was Tlingit, and back then you had to get approval from every member of the tribe before you got married. Almost broke them up.

Margaret: Well...how did they stay together then?

Gammy: She was a lot like you. Tough. Wouldn't take "no" for an answer. She was good for him. I want you to have it.

Margaret: I can't. Can't take this.

Gammy: I don't want to hear it. Grandmothers love to give their stuff to their grandchildren. It makes us feel like we'll still be part of your lives even after we're gone. Take it. Are... are you all right, dear?

Margaret: I, uh...Uh... Well, I, um...I, uh... I just, uh, I just wanted to...make sure there was enough time to get all the sewing done.

Gammy: Don't you worry about that. You're gonna be beautiful.

Margaret: OK.

Gammy: Now let's get you out of those pins.

Margaret: OK.


Andrew: All right. This is untied. Hop on in. Hey, hey, hey. Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Whoa! What...Mind telling me what the hell's wrong?

Margaret: I just needed to get away from everybody.

Andrew: What's wrong?

Margaret: Nothing! Just stop talking, please!

Andrew: Would you mind telling me what's happening now? Margaret. Margaret!

Margaret: I forgot, OK?

Andrew: You forgot what?

Margaret: I forgot what it was like to have a family! I've been on my own since I was 16 and I forgot what it felt like to have people love you and make you breakfast and say, "Hey! We'd love to come down for the holidays." And I say, "Well, why don't we come up and see you instead?" And give you necklaces! And you have all that here, and you have Gertrude, and I'm... I'm just screwing it up!

Andrew: You're not screwing it up! I agreed to this! You were there, remember?

Margaret: Your family loves you. Do you know that?

Andrew: I know that!

Margaret: You know that?

Andrew: Yes!

Margaret: And you're still willing to put them through this?

Andrew: They're not gonna find out!

Margaret: How do you know they won't find out?

Andrew: Because you said so yourself.

Margaret: I know, but what if your mother...

Andrew: You said so yourself!

Margaret: Oh, my God, if your mother found out...

Andrew: Whoa! Whoa!

Margaret: Oh, my God! What if Gammy finds out?

Andrew: The boat is moving!

Margaret: If Gammy finds out, she's gonna have a heart attack!

Andrew: Stop! It's gonna be fine!

Margaret: She's gonna have a heart attack!

Andrew: Will you calm down! Hold on! (Margaret falls into water) Whoa, whoa. Whoa! Whoa! I don't think that hijacking a boat is a proper way to express your frustration! Now... Oh, great. Now you decide to shut up! Margaret?

Margaret: Andrew!

Andrew: Margaret?

Margaret: Andrew!

Andrew: Margaret!

Margaret: I can't swim!

Andrew: Margaret! To the buoy!

Margaret: What?

Andrew: To the buoy!

Margaret: OK.

Andrew: All right, come on! Give me your hand! Hey! Give me your hand! Margaret! Give me...Come on, give me your hand! Come on, come on. I got you. I got you. I got you. Come on. God! What the hell were you thinking? Could've gotten yourself killed.

Margaret: You turned the boat and made me fall in, you jackass.

Andrew: You let go of the steering wheel, Ahab.

Margaret: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Andrew: All right, come here. You've got to get warm. Come on. Come on. It's OK. That's OK. It's OK.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. finish up: 结束,完成。请看例子:We toured Europe and finished up in Paris.(我们游遍了欧洲,最后一站是巴黎。)finish up后面还可以带动名词,例如:Everything went wrong, and I finished up wishing I’d never tried it.(一切都乱了套,我最后真是希望我没有作过这次尝试。)

2. a tad: 一点儿。

3. chesty: 胸部丰满的。

4. knock sb. up: 使(未婚女子)怀孕。影片中Gammy指的是她未婚先孕,所以是挺着大肚子穿婚纱的。Knock sb. up还有“敲门唤醒某人”的意思。例如:Knock me up at 7:30.(七点半钟敲门叫醒我。)

5. touch: 修饰,润色,点缀。请看例子:I'm just putting the finishing touches to the cake.(我正在给蛋糕作最后修饰。)

6. screw sth. up: 把……搞糟,搞砸。例如:It was such a simple plan; how could you have screwed it up?(这是个很简单的计划,你怎么会把它弄得一团糟呢?)

7. buoy: 浮标。

8. jackass: 蠢人,笨蛋,傻瓜。



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