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The Blind Side《弱点》精讲之一

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Headmaster: But this other kid...

Bert Cotton: Big Mike.

Headmaster: Michael Oher gives us no reason to believe it, based on his record, that he would be successful here.

Bert Cotton: How bad could it be?

Teacher: We're not exactly sure how old he is due to lack of records. He has a measured IQ of 80. Which is 6th percentile. His grade point average begins with zero. Zero-point-six.

Miss Sue: Everyone passed him along. They gave him D's so they could hand their problem off to the next school.

Bert Cotton: It's a brave kid. For wanting to come here. For wanting a quality education. An education denied him by the poor quality of the schools he's attended. I tell you most kids with his background wouldn't come within two hundred miles of this place.

Teacher: Coach Cotton, we understand your interest in this young man's athletic abilities.

Headmaster: Now, he wouldn't be able to play sports until he got his grades up anyway.

Bert Cotton: Forget sports! Look at the wall. Christian. We either take that seriously or we paint over it. You don't admit Michael Oher because of sports, you admit him because it's the right thing to do.

Miss Sue: Class, this is Michael Oher and he's new here, so I expect you all to make him feel welcome. Mike, just take any empty seat. This is a quiz based on the information you learned last year in your science curriculum. Don't worry. It's not gonna be graded. I just want to see how much information we need to hit again. Just answer whatever you know. Thank you.

Michael Oher: Can I leave now?

Miss Sue: Yeah. Take your book.

Mrs. Hamilton: Why should he always stay in our home? He's gonna eat all our food.

Tony Hamilton: This is not true. I try to be Christian about the son, alright?

Mrs. Hamilton: Let somebody else be Christian about this kid.

Tony Hamilton: You want me to throw him out on the street like some dog?

Mrs. Hamilton: Let somebody else take over the responsibility!

Tony Hamilton: Should I throw him out on the street?

Mrs: Hamilton: He's here all the time. I just want to be with you!

Tony Hamilton: Alright. Alright. You win. I'll take care of it.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. measured IQ: 智商测试得分。

“测试”智商一般用measure或test来表示,所以测智商也可以说成是IQ test。这里的IQ是intelligence quotient的缩写。

除了IQ外,情商EQ(emotional quotient)也是衡量人的心智的一个重要方面。

2. percentile: 百分位数。在学校中用来衡量学生的成绩。

A percentile ranking represents how well a student performs compared to other students in a nationwide norm sample for their grade. A student scoring at the 35th percentile scored as well as, or better than, 35 percent of students in the same grade in the norm group. It also means that 65 percent of the students exceeded this score.


3. grade point average: (美国教育体制中学生在某一时期内的)平均成绩点数,也就是我们平时说的GPA。

4. pass someone along: 甩开某人。这里的意思是“所有的学校都想甩掉他”。

5. hand off: 把问题抛给别人,在球场上指手递手传球。

例如:The center fumbled the handoff.(中锋漏接了传球。)

6. take any empty seat: 随便找个空位坐下。

7. be Christian about: 对某人仁慈些。Christian在这里表示“基督教徒品行的;慈善的;仁慈的;友爱的”。

8. take care of it: 处理好某事。

例如:If you don't take care of the matter now, it will certainly come back to haunt you later.(如果你现在不把这件事情处理好,早晚还会是个问题。)



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