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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2《牛仔裤的夏天2》精讲之四

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Bridget: Hi. Greta? Um, I'm really sorry. I should have called first, but I'm...

Greta: I think I know my own granddaughter. You're not running away from home, are you?

Bridget: No, actually, I'm coming home, from Turkey.

Greta: That's an interesting sense of direction.

Bridget: So you fix your own car?

Greta: Cars are easy. It's people you need a manual for. Come on in. You must be exhausted.

Bridget: Yep. You don't even know.

Greta: Why don't you go right up and get some rest?


Carmen: Hello!

Julia: Hey.

Carmen: Hey. Wow, you look great.

Julia: You think? Thanks.

Carmen: So, what's the occasion?

Julia: Um, Ian asked me to dinner. I mean, I can be so dense sometimes. I didn't even know that he liked me that way. Did you?

Carmen: No. But, then again, I can be pretty dense too so...

Julia: I don’t know. I just thought he might have said something to you, because you guys have become such good friends. But...you know men.

Carmen: So... so you're going, then? You're going on a date?

Julia: Yeah. I mean, he's gorgeous, and he's really nice, and... he's really real. For an actor, anyway. I just thought, why not give it a chance? We have so much in common anyway, and it might really work. I know you need a lot of sleep before rehearsal tomorrow. I'll be really quiet when I come home, but don't wait up.

Carmen: I won't.

Julia: Okay. Well, have a good night.


Bridget: Thanks, Greta. Grandma. I'm sorry, I don't know which...

Greta: I haven't heard from you in...10 or 12 years.

Bridget: I know. Look, my dad, he hid your letters from me. I just found them this summer.

Greta: I see. So I guess we can skip junior high and high school. How's college?

Bridget: Uh, it's good. I haven't declared a major yet, but...

Greta: Got a fella?

Bridget: No, not at the moment.

Greta: Listen, you ought to kick up some trouble now, because in 40 years, they'll all tell you you're old. You made that the summer you visited. You must have been about 6 or 7 years old.

Bridget: I've been here before?

Greta: Well, that was a long time ago.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2《牛仔裤的夏天2》精讲之四

Tibby: "Return to sender." Super.


Carmen: O, the fates. How would he look to see his work, so noble, vilely bound up?

Bill: Stop. Again.

Carmen: O, the fates. How would he look to see his work, so noble...

Bill: Stop. Again.

Carmen: O, the fates. How would he look to see his...

Bill: Stop right there. Carmen, is there a problem?

Carmen: No. I don't know. Did I say the wrong line?

Bill: No. You're supposed to sound like a woman in love. You sound like a woman who's about to have a root canal. Again.

Carmen: O, the fates. How would he look to s...

Bill: I hear the drill. Again!

Ian: Carmen, wait.

Carmen: Look, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be screwing everything up like this.

Ian: You've got great instincts. You just need to trust them. Why don't we work on it together, tonight?

Carmen: No. It's okay. I should just work on it alone. Thanks.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. manual: 手册;说明书;指南。看一下例子:You should read the manual before you turn on the new machine.(在开这台新机器前,应该阅读使用手册。)影片中Bridget的外祖母认为和人打交道比和机器打交道难得多,车坏了还好修,但是人与人的关系却没那么好处理。

2. occasion: 理由;原因。例如:You have no occasion to buy another car.(你没有必要再买一辆汽车。)

3. dense: 迟钝的,愚钝的。请看例子:By her dense look I knew she didn't understand a word I said.(我从她愚钝的表情看出,我说的她一点也不懂。)

4. gorgeous: 吸引人的,漂亮的。在这里指Ian很帅。

5. wait up (for sb.): 熬夜,不睡觉(等人回家)。看一下例子:Don't wait up for me: I shall be coming home very late.(不用等我,我要很晚才回家。)

6. skip: 略过。看一下例子:She skipped the jargon when she read the popular science magazine.(她读那本通俗科学杂志时把其中的术语跳过未读。)

7. Super: 太好了,棒极了。影片中Tibby显然在说反话。

8. root canal: 牙齿的根管,根管治疗。

9. drill: 牙转。影片中Bill觉得Carmen读台词好像看牙一样痛苦,都可以听到牙钻运转的声音了。



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