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The Week October 8, 2010

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Let’s Go Expo

Hurry! You only have until Oct 31 to visit the 2010 World Expo under way in Shanghai. There’s so much to do, and so much to see. So let’s go Expo! After greeting millions of visitors all summer, the 2010 World Expo closes on Oct 31. But don’t panic. Organizers say the China Pavilion, the top attraction at the Expo, will reopen on Dec 1. And China Daily reports the popular pavilion might stay open for at least another six months.

Learning Chinese

China wants more overseas students to attend college here. The Ministry of Education says it will offer more scholarships to foreign students in coming years. But what does that mean for Chinese college students? It means they get to watch more foreign students struggling to learn Mandarin.

Post-holiday blues

Happy Birthday, New China! To celebrate the 61st birthday of New China, millions of people played, visited relatives or just relaxed for an entire week. But today, millions of us are – reluctantly, sadly -- back at work. Call it the post-holiday blues.

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The Week October 8, 2010

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The Week October 8, 2010

Renee Haines is an editor and broadcaster at China Daily. Renee has more than 15 years of experience as a newspaper editor, radio station anchor and news director, news-wire service reporter and bureau chief, magazine writer, book editor and website consultant. She came to China from the United States.