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Dave Koz celebrates 20th anniversary with 'Hello Tomorrow'

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Saxophonist Dave Koz is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his recording debut by doing what he does best, making music. His latest album which features some of today's top jazz players.

Dave Koz waxes philosophical on his new album Hello Tomorrow. He's particularly focused on the passage of time and dealing with changes in life. In the liner notes to his jazz ballad "The Journey", he writes, "When all is said and done, it's less about the destination we're headed to and more about the experiences we encounter in getting there."

Koz also suggests setting higher and higher goals for ourselves, a school of thought that inspired the tune "Think Big". Dave Koz plays "Think Big" featuring jazz standouts Christian Scott on trumpet, bassist Marcus Miller, trombonist Brian Culbertson, and bluesman Keb' Mo' on guitar.

Special guests also include contemporary jazz stars Boney James, Lee Ritenour, Jeff Lorber, and Paul Jackson, Jr., as well as pop veterans Herb Alpert, Jonathan Butler, and Ray Parker, Jr.

Dave Koz has come a long way since playing sax in his brother's jazz band at age 15. A solo artist since 1990, Koz has released more than a dozen best-selling solo albums and a handful of Top 40 singles. In addition to launching his own record company, he has hosted various "smooth" jazz radio shows, including a six-year stint on the "Dave Koz Morning Show" in Los Angeles. In 2009, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, strategically placed at the entrance to his former label, Capitol Records.

Koz recently embarked on his "Dave Koz and Friends: A Smooth Jazz Christmas 2010" tour across the US.From Hello Tomorrow, Dave acompanys Dana Glover on his hit single "Start All Over Again". I'm Doug Levine.

standout: a person or thing that is very noticeable because they are better, more impressive, etc. than others in a group 突出的人(或事物)

trumpet: a brass musical instrument made of a curved metal tube that you blow into, with three valves for changing the note 小号;喇叭

bassist: a person who plays the bass guitar or the double bass 低音吉他手;低音提琴手

trombonist: a person who plays the trombone 长号手

bluesman: a person who plays blues 演奏或演唱蓝调乐曲者

solo album: 个人专辑

stint: a period of time that you spend working somewhere or doing a particular activity 从事某项工作(或活动)的时间

Hollywood Walk of Fame: 好莱坞星光大道

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