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Girls' lacrosse team raises hopes at school

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Girls' lacrosse team raises hopes at school

This is the VOA Special English Education Report.

Ballou High School in Washington might not seem the mostly likely school to have a lacrosse team.


But lacrosse has grown beyond the popular image of a sport mainly for wealthy private schools. Ballou is a public school in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city. In the past six years, more than 40 students have died violent deaths. Many were the result of drug violence.


Ballou has just had its first year with a lacrosse team. The team is for girls. They lost every game. But their coach, Holly McGarvie, says this was also the first time they ever played.

HOLLY McGARVIE: "You know, I think the goal each year is going to change. This year, I think, just starting and building a foundation that we can build from and create a tradition here of women's lacrosse at Ballou."

Lacrosse is a fast-moving sport, the modern version of a game played by American Indians. Teams try to make goals with a ball caught and thrown using a net at the end of a stick.

School officials decided to make changes at Ballou after less than 60 percent of the senior class graduated in 2006. Since then the graduation rate has improved by ten to 15 percent. Rahman Branch, the school principal, says one change was to increase activities after the school day.

RAHMAN BRANCH: "We decided to take some more approaches to add on to them being comfortable being a kid, to now making sure they are a kid who knows what they want, what it takes to get there, and then has the stamina to go through."

Mr. Branch says Holly McGarvie was a perfect match for Ballou. She was on a national team and a star player at Princeton University. She was in her first year of teaching. She wanted to take the lessons she learned from sports and use them in teaching biology.

Coach McGarvie says the first practices for the new team were difficult. Some players got angry at one another. She helped them learn to keep their mind on the game.

HOLLY McGARVIE: "On our way home from our first game, from Wilson, and we are all talking about it, and the girls are extremely excited. Despite the loss of, I think, maybe 11 to one, you know, they were already in the mindset of what can we do better?"

Tylashia Joyner says lacrosse has helped her think more about her future.

TYLASHIA JOYNER: "I will want to play in college because it will keep me in shape and it will help me stay focused and want to do something. Because if you want to play a sport, you have to have your grades up."

And that's the VOA Special English Education Report. You can watch a video report about the lacrosse team at voaspecialenglish.com. You can also write to us on Facebook and Twitter at VOA Learning English. I'm Christopher Cruise.

lacrosse: a game played on a field by two teams of ten players who use sticks with curved nets on them to catch, carry, and throw the ball 长曲棍球(两队各十名队员,用带网兜的球棒接球、带球和传球)

stamina: the physical or mental strength that enables you to do something difficult for long periods of time 耐力;耐性;持久力

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